Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to painting...

So Deviantart had this new contest posted sponsored by a renowned The Art Department ( ) and the prizes include free summer or winter session onsite or online with up to four classes taught by acclaimed artists of varying industries (from film to comics to, well you can guess already).  And somehow I am so tempted to take a shot at it.  Though my art has gotten kinda rusty having been sidetracked by recent events at home, it's kind of a good chance to brush it up again and get my fingers lubed and running again.  :)  I might enter at least two entries, all original, nothing from my existing slush pile.  More on that later.

And did I also mention I've taken the giant leap and sent in a proposal for a graphic novel I've been working on and putting off a gazillion times to number of publishers last month?  I probably won't expect a quick reply at least for the rest of this year, considering I'm sure there are thousands more of unopened submissions piled up in the editor's rooms.  Even if I ultimately get rejected, at least I tried, right?  Thus the old saying, "You never know unless you at least try."


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