Thursday, October 4, 2012

Setting in motion

So from my last post, my goal back in grade school was becoming a writer and artist.  I guess I've always liked being a storyteller at heart.  Lately I've been telling Mom bedtime stories to help her fall asleep.  I know sounds silly, that's what parents usually do to their little children, not the other way around.  But as noted earlier Mom is going through tough treatment for lymphoma, and sleep is one of the things she direly needs, as sleep doesn't come so easily for her these days due to the side effects of the chemo and other drugs she takes.  So I tell all sorts of stories, mostly fairy tales, mythologies, stuff I read back in kindergarten, etc. and it's done some magic so far.  It's also done some magic for me as it rekindled my passion for storytelling.
Actually I was in the process of creating my own first ever comic book, which happened back in '01.  I was pretty far off, then some things happened that I got derailed and put the comic on hold in '07, and haven't gone back to it for three years.  So now I'm getting back on it, and I have since revamped the whole book as the art looked plain crappy.  It's been over ten years and as an artist I can see when a drawing look crap; it's such a huge difference in the ten year gap.  I'll let you know more about the book some other time, along with several other story ideas I've been piling up in my closet, and I hope to get some of them in the light soon.
I've just been so inspired by a particular individual named Nick Vujicic, a man who was born with no limbs but lives every day of his life like he's got a full body.  I wish I could be more like him, so happy and optimistic, which I haven't been, even though I'm far better off.  I give him big credit for helping me realize my new path in life.

P.S. the above sketch was scanned with a brand new portable scanner wand.  I cannot believe how much more easier it is and why I wasted so much time and effort using this big hunky old scanner...

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