Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remembering the 90s: my "naughty" ways..

Oh I wasn't the most perfect human being growing up. I actually have a bit of skeletons in my closet none of my family members are aware of. I am not going to address them even here, the Internet isn't the safest place to spill your most intimate secrets (duhhhh). One however I will mention, I had played hooky not once, twice, but many many times, this during my senior year. Yeah yeah who hasn't skipped classes in their high school days. But I was one gutsy gal, and with no car let alone a driver license, I took a ride on the bus. So instead of going to school during the morning I cut thru the route and stood at the bus stop, and hopped on. And I did so with extreme planning and prudence. I swear I could've been a secret agent at that rate. I still look back and wonder how I managed to pull off such feat and not get caught. Back then the school weren't so strict on truancy as much as it probably is now.
So where would I go on my hooky trip? Heh that's another story...tbc

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