Monday, April 23, 2012

Remembering the 90s: Bang those Machines,Really

Before Mario looked almost like he could really be a real plumpy jolly plumber standing right next to you, in the old days he was jus a flat, puny pixelated elf that just ran across the screen and jumped up and down not much else. How technology has grown since. I tell you, those were the better days of video games. Simple, one track, clean, innocent. Now it's about how much goons you can blow up hack down splatter around, how many different kinds of guns you can carry, where of over 100 worlds you must travel to complete 1000+ missions and quests before finally reaching your ultimate goal, in about 10,000 hours. No wonder people die playing these complicated games in Korea, I hear it's a big problem. There was even one about a couple who let their infant child die of starvation because they're too busy protecting their video game daughter, for crying out loud.
Sure games generally are addicting but at least in old games the missions are done in at most two hours, or one runs out of quarters before then. Ha, thinking of how we'd rush over to the change machine frantically trying to feed that dollar bill to get more quarters out as the CONTINUE timer ticks down before we lose our hard earned place in the Mario world and have to painstakingly start all over again. Just one step away from defeating Bowser and rescuing Princess and beeeep, Game Over. I'd often see some kids break down when that happens. So sad.
Speaking of CONTINUE? ...

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