Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to painting...

So Deviantart had this new contest posted sponsored by a renowned The Art Department ( ) and the prizes include free summer or winter session onsite or online with up to four classes taught by acclaimed artists of varying industries (from film to comics to, well you can guess already).  And somehow I am so tempted to take a shot at it.  Though my art has gotten kinda rusty having been sidetracked by recent events at home, it's kind of a good chance to brush it up again and get my fingers lubed and running again.  :)  I might enter at least two entries, all original, nothing from my existing slush pile.  More on that later.

And did I also mention I've taken the giant leap and sent in a proposal for a graphic novel I've been working on and putting off a gazillion times to number of publishers last month?  I probably won't expect a quick reply at least for the rest of this year, considering I'm sure there are thousands more of unopened submissions piled up in the editor's rooms.  Even if I ultimately get rejected, at least I tried, right?  Thus the old saying, "You never know unless you at least try."


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So I have a Deviantart page, I haven't put up any new pics there in a while since I don't really have anything to put up there, because I didn't do anything to have anything to put up there.  I am rambling here.  I do notice that some of the pics I DO have there has gotten some love from other visitors, mainly the ones about the zombie shooter THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD of which I am a huge fanatic of, and some fan pics of games like TEKKEN.  And most recently this one has gotten some pretty good amount of attention, and it has nothing to do with either titles just listed:

Somehow it's become a new image of 'girl power.'  Man I haven't heard that term in a long time, where did that start, in the first place?  But looking at it again after a while I have to admit there are some parts I am quite pleased it turned out well.  I ought to get into this stuff sometime again soon.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Setting in motion

So from my last post, my goal back in grade school was becoming a writer and artist.  I guess I've always liked being a storyteller at heart.  Lately I've been telling Mom bedtime stories to help her fall asleep.  I know sounds silly, that's what parents usually do to their little children, not the other way around.  But as noted earlier Mom is going through tough treatment for lymphoma, and sleep is one of the things she direly needs, as sleep doesn't come so easily for her these days due to the side effects of the chemo and other drugs she takes.  So I tell all sorts of stories, mostly fairy tales, mythologies, stuff I read back in kindergarten, etc. and it's done some magic so far.  It's also done some magic for me as it rekindled my passion for storytelling.
Actually I was in the process of creating my own first ever comic book, which happened back in '01.  I was pretty far off, then some things happened that I got derailed and put the comic on hold in '07, and haven't gone back to it for three years.  So now I'm getting back on it, and I have since revamped the whole book as the art looked plain crappy.  It's been over ten years and as an artist I can see when a drawing look crap; it's such a huge difference in the ten year gap.  I'll let you know more about the book some other time, along with several other story ideas I've been piling up in my closet, and I hope to get some of them in the light soon.
I've just been so inspired by a particular individual named Nick Vujicic, a man who was born with no limbs but lives every day of his life like he's got a full body.  I wish I could be more like him, so happy and optimistic, which I haven't been, even though I'm far better off.  I give him big credit for helping me realize my new path in life.

P.S. the above sketch was scanned with a brand new portable scanner wand.  I cannot believe how much more easier it is and why I wasted so much time and effort using this big hunky old scanner...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rekindling an old dream, pt. 1

It was in my elementary school yearbook from '91, where you write what you want to be when you grow up, I wrote that I want to be a famous writer and illustrator of book for kids and young adults. That was like 22 years from today. Oh how much time has passed, and how so far I had gone from that "dream.". But it's good to know that at one point I did have a dream, and it's never too late to pursue your dreams, no matter how far you gone.
And so it begins...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something to think about

The past two years has been nothing but a blur. My mom diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and going thru the tough chemotherapy; then my dad is found to have gastric cancer at the start of 2012; and just couple months ago moms lymphoma came back, and this time they recommend she do the stem cell transplant that will save her life in the long term but will be a very very rough procedure and recovery short term.
It really isn't easy to be staying home and acting as the caregiver for two sick parents. Especially in my current sit when I'm in my 30s and in desperate need of a job and a life of my own, I really have zilch to show for the past seven years since leaving college. I had big dreams, but they all got derailed and for what? To be a couch potato and a lug nut living off my parents and drowning in self-pity? Hey, I never said this aloud, but my parents are partly at fault for the way things have turned out.
And now I'm caring for them and putting up with their occasional fits and childish whinings, and not getting much glory out of it. I'm no Mother Teresa that's certain.
But on the other end of it this time has given me plenty to think about, a bit of self reflection. I almost feel like I'm not quite the same person that I was two years ago. In a way this recent ordeal has opened my eyes and made me really look into myself, who I am what is my deal in this life and how will I be planning to move forward from all this. I known that sometimes it takes a crash to wake you up, and I think that's what's going on with me right now.
Rather than sit and mope about what should have been, I ought to take this chance to make amends with my parents, a way to give back to them for raising me and putting up with my craziness for the past 30 years, to be thankful for what I have and that i am actually quite better off as it is, and to rethink my path for the next 30 tears. I am constantly reminded of what I had written in my grade school yearbook, what my future plan was gonna be. And oh, how I've strayed away from it since. I am on my way to rekindling that plan I set 20 years ago. What that is, it's another story...
I got no drawing to share today, only this photo I had saved on this iPod. I tell you, lately this guy's been giving me nightmares... >_<;;

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm baaaaack....

Sorry, long time been absent here.  I just been hit through some major storms in my house.  Long story.  And I'm too exhausted.  I don't think I'll be continuing with the previous blog series I started like what, few months ago.  I just don't have the time and the energy.
Will still occasionally post some pics when I'm able.  I do need to brush up on my drawing, it's gotten pretty rusty.

Starting off with some b/w sketches, just copies from photos and mags.  First one here

I've been watching the whole series of "The Tudors" for the last month, and this guy was one of the reasons.  I first saw him in the movie "Immortals" and hear he will play Superman in the newest reboot next summer (yes just leave it to the Englishmen to revive our favorite American superheroes, hehehe).  Also he sorta reminds me of an old friend I used to know, just saying.

Hasta La Vista...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Damn Spammers...

Pretty creepy, I was browsing through some of the comments posted on some of my blog posts, and there was a looooong list of comments in Japanese.  I translated them with Google Translate, and, omg, can you believe it?  The things you would get in your Spam folder of your email, all those dirty filty stuff, it gets in here too?!?  Took me a while to dump them all out, but oh sadly, they'll be back, I'm sure...(going to wash my head off now)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Remembering the 90s: HADOUKEN!

Sorry been a while.  So where was I...

The arcades in my pre-college days were oceans apart from what we see now.  There were tons of games for all ages, all tastes, and of course, all genders.  Don't think girls didn't have interests in gaming as you might think.  And then there was this one game that just literally blew the whole arcade scene in ways unimaginable, I'm sure even the arcade owners and game makers didn't forsee what a huge impact it was going to have on video gaming:  Street Fighter II.

Yes, this single game where friends pitted against each other in virtual combat, choosing from eight different fighter characters of all size, shapes, and of course, gender (though there was only one female, the infamous Chun-Li), just changed the face of video gaming in the 90s.  At the time when the arcade scene was fading from the golden era of the 80s (sorry I don't quite remember that), SFII just blew in from across the Pacific and made a crash landing in all the arcades across the country and beyond.  There was almost not a place where you would not spot a machine in a corner with at least two stoned guys hacking at it, besides the arcades- the pizza parlors, liquor stores, gas stations, laundromats.  At any arcades I went to sometimes I'd see huge crowds surrounding the machine bickering and screaming at the screen (like the screen can actually hear them) or even at each other.  And the players, there were quite a mix of them-whites, asians, blacks, hispanics- either in their own ethnic clique or scrambled together.  I'd like to think that was one time when all races came together; yeah, good old Reverend King would have been proud.  Sometimes though those guys can be pretty creepy; some of them are so absorbed that it would be suicide to try to poke them.  Let alone hang around when the ticking bomb inside them should go off when they lose.

Unfortunately, I was not a good SF player.  There were six buttons, and joystick with eight directions.  I'm not so flexible with my fingers, I can not get a combo of stick/button action going to get Ryu to throw his mighty fireball before he gets pummeled to the corner.  It's nothing to brag about, but I'd jump up and down with pure joy when I am able to just make it past the first round.  See how much I sucked?

SF has gone on to spawn number of spinoffs with new characters, as well as sequels, and to date is at number 4.  They even spawned a movie and couple of animes, the former which was unfortunately pretty disappointing. The arcades scene has changed drastically in the past twenty years, but there are still lot of SF loyalists, even some new generations are getting into it, but I doubt they would ever know about the 'humble' beginnings of the arcade sensation.  I sometimes pity the youngsters of present age that they are oblivious to some cool things we old timers had experienced in our youth.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

So funny...

This just came out of the blue one morning, thinking about all the things going on in this world and such, then all the talk you hear lately about Twitter and traffic accidents caused by texting. Now I'm not so much into tweeting, I don't have time to waste telling the world what I eat for lunch or what color my underwears are. Only a talentless fame hog does that when their only job is to date hot emerging young male stars left and right and get married and split after less than three months. Hell if I could get paid to date someone like that I would ( j/k), love is not a game of Monopoly.
Enough that, hope you get the msg...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Remembering the 90s: Bang those Machines,Really

Before Mario looked almost like he could really be a real plumpy jolly plumber standing right next to you, in the old days he was jus a flat, puny pixelated elf that just ran across the screen and jumped up and down not much else. How technology has grown since. I tell you, those were the better days of video games. Simple, one track, clean, innocent. Now it's about how much goons you can blow up hack down splatter around, how many different kinds of guns you can carry, where of over 100 worlds you must travel to complete 1000+ missions and quests before finally reaching your ultimate goal, in about 10,000 hours. No wonder people die playing these complicated games in Korea, I hear it's a big problem. There was even one about a couple who let their infant child die of starvation because they're too busy protecting their video game daughter, for crying out loud.
Sure games generally are addicting but at least in old games the missions are done in at most two hours, or one runs out of quarters before then. Ha, thinking of how we'd rush over to the change machine frantically trying to feed that dollar bill to get more quarters out as the CONTINUE timer ticks down before we lose our hard earned place in the Mario world and have to painstakingly start all over again. Just one step away from defeating Bowser and rescuing Princess and beeeep, Game Over. I'd often see some kids break down when that happens. So sad.
Speaking of CONTINUE? ...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Remembering the 90s: Let's go to the arcade!

Continuing from the last post, where do I sneak off to when I ditch school? Being young and having no car my options were, well, pretty limited. I had to time my moves carefully so I don't get caught and the bus I take don't arrive back home late or else I'd have lotta explaining to do. Pretty much the only place I could go back then was the mall which on the bus was about a 20 min ride. I liked the mall actually, not the clothing stores no no I was a bonafide tomboy back in the day so such things were of no interest to me. I did lot of browsing in the bookstores and movie shops, but, most and foremost of all, the arcade.

As you can tell by some of the artworks I had posted here, from the time my mom bought us the Nintendo game console ( you know the very first 8-bit one) I became obsessed with video games. First with Super Mario Bros then the first arcade we went to were in Las Vegas since you know kids aren't allowed in the casino games I was exposed to plethora of machines with buttons and joysticks you use to move the little spritey heroes around the screen, I couldn't get enough of them. So much so that well my parents have had to restrain me ( long story not much fun ).

I can tell you the arcades now are not like it was back in my time. I remember generally the room was pretty dim ( the game screens provided for 90% of the lighting), and pretty stuffy too because all the machines were pretty packed in together and kids at times are so crowded around some of the machines. There were all sorts of people that came to play video games, not just kids but adults too. And they either played alone or with a friend or two, even with strangers. Back then everyone became like best friends teaming up together to take down the evil warlord and rescuing the princess in distress, didn't matter who you were just keep in tune with one another and you conquer the quest and a kindred spirit is born. And it's even more uplifting when there's a crowd behind you cheering you on. I remember how fun sometimes it was when me and my siblings would get together on some games and work as a unit. That is true quality family time.

That kind of camaraderie is what made arcade experience so memorable. Thanks to 9/11 the Internet and the ever fast moving advancement in digital paradise the arcade is now reduced to campy happy-boppy family friendly purgatory with games that literally suck you in to be part of the virtual world and far more like a tourist attraction than a utopia for the lost lonely boys ( and tomboys) who sought real physical companionship and innocent of all that now makes us fearful and wary of even our own friends. I don't get to see my own sibling in ways like when we'd be playing games anymore. True we all grow up and must move on, but it's that spark that makes us human, the need for physical and emotional contact, that is fast eroding. The world is ever changing, and in not so good, inhuman way.

I am so missing the arcade right now...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Remembering the 90s: my "naughty" ways..

Oh I wasn't the most perfect human being growing up. I actually have a bit of skeletons in my closet none of my family members are aware of. I am not going to address them even here, the Internet isn't the safest place to spill your most intimate secrets (duhhhh). One however I will mention, I had played hooky not once, twice, but many many times, this during my senior year. Yeah yeah who hasn't skipped classes in their high school days. But I was one gutsy gal, and with no car let alone a driver license, I took a ride on the bus. So instead of going to school during the morning I cut thru the route and stood at the bus stop, and hopped on. And I did so with extreme planning and prudence. I swear I could've been a secret agent at that rate. I still look back and wonder how I managed to pull off such feat and not get caught. Back then the school weren't so strict on truancy as much as it probably is now.
So where would I go on my hooky trip? Heh that's another story...tbc

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Timed out...

Hi there. Sorry was quiet for a while. Came down with a stomach flu couple weeks ago, then in honor of Easter week I abstained from my iPod and nightly movies. Now that's over with, will b getting back to that topic in the last post. Pardon me while I pick my brain for a bit...
Sorry no sketches this time.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Remember the time: The 90&apos;s - Introduction

There are some times when I would sit back and think about the old days, as I remember it. I am a GenX gal, born in '79, and while I don't know much about the first ten years I do remember the good times (and of course the bad) of the '90s. I think in my humble opinion that was the most fun times, and worth looking into, an advice for the newer generation, they can simply google it on their iPhones when they ain't too busy texting or twitting or whatever it is they do these days instead of putting their God-given precious times to a better use. Aside of the bad times I endured (most notably my junior / high school years) I really enjoyed some stuff my fellow GenXers got to taste, and that is what I aim to do here on this Blogger for the next several entries, just a bit highlights of the good old '90s. Looking around in this present time it makes me really miss some things of the past, some we really took for granted. Best thing to do now is preserve those memories and hope that the present generation and beyond will get to read about it and learn something useful, or otherwise if it keeps going the way it is right now, well, God have mercy.

Tbc - enjoy some new sb pics:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

An artist&apos;s words of wisdom

I really got a kick when I saw this on fb the other day. A lot of it ring so true to all artists and myself as well. See which ones you can relate to:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sketchbook pro

So I'm trying this free version of Sketchbook Pro for iPod and well I'm pretty pleased with it. It's mucho better than that dreaded ArtRage that keep giving me headache. I get lots more control on the strokes. But since this is free I don't have whole lot of options and features, and the canvas size is pretty puny. Later soon I'll get the full version and enjoy more of all that it's got to offer. Here for now a very quick and dirty random sketch with SBP:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stupid app...

This ArtRage app keeps blinking out on me. Everytime I'm drawing it cuts off and I lose all my efforts. I think I need to file complaint, I didn't pay to put up with this crap. I already have enough to deal with right now (see last post)...

Still I was able to pull off another simple pic, of my bird again. He's just so cute, and this one came out little better than the first. Now if only this app will behave...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A quick doodle

Another one of them sleepless nights, another bouts with the infamous d-mode. It just doesn't get easier with time, eh?
A quick and dirty doodle on my ArtRage of my new pet bird, Mango. He's a conure, got green cheeks and red belly and character as colorful as the feathers. Now this isn't all that great, but think about it, I'm doing this on an iPod and u know how big the screen is.
Someday I hope to get one of them overhyped iPad, and then the real fun will begin...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

So what happened?

Like the title of this post says, so my answer, in short so I don't bore myself to death, the past few years has been pretty blah. First in Oct 2010 my mom gets diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in the colon. It required chemotherapy, which we all know isn't pretty. Thankfully there was no need for surgery, but the treatment took four months, and seeing her dealing with it during the time and the aftermath was hard. And since I'm the only kid living at home with the parents(in part because I'm still jobless) I got the heavy load of running all the chores around the house(course I'm used to it but it's been doubled). And if that wasn't enough I had to put up with all her occasional emotional rollercoasters and I can't even complain about it cause I know why. So her chemotherapy went well and the cancer is obliterated from her system, recovery is another story. Then two months before the end of last year she gets shingles, and if u are wondering what that is, well chances are your grandparents probably had it so u can ask them about it cause words here is just hopelessly inadequate to describe it...
And well this year just when I thought the storm is calming I get the second half of the one-two punch: my dad is diagnosed with gastric cancer. And in his case he needs a chemotherapy and surgery. My only response to this is one long siiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhh..........

Its quite depressing yeah. I feel pretty stressed to the bone. All that is really helping me to relax is this IPod wi it's endless capabilities and not to mention this dreamy pic adorning the wallpaper of this device(if u don't know who it is well here's a hint: you can see him in the latest acclaimed flick SHAME):

<3 <3 <3

I'm pretty nuts. But if I wasn't I wouldn't be here now would I?


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back in action!

Wow, after like almost three years of idleness, I'm back. So much has happened since my last post here, I could write a novel about it. I'll talk about that later in time, but first, I'm making my first ever post via IPod, it's a lot of fun. I'm even experimenting with the new ArtRage for mobile. Gonna get used to this nifty new toy and blogging about it, among other things. For now Just a couple of quick sketch with the app: