Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back from Hawaii, and then there's Fox

Yeah, I finally took that long awaited trip to Hawaii, yay, though I went mostly for my dear uncle's funeral, but still I got chance to get a taste of the lovely island of Oahu. Didn't nearly get to see all that it had to offer, but it was good enough, and perhaps I will go there again one day.
And the first thing to do after getting back from the sun and sands (and pineapples :P ) is to finish up with Mr. Fox here. Just a little paintover on the bg so it would go more with the rest of the picture which you can see is very painterly not so crisp and clean. I like things to be sketchy and painterly, not so ultra smooth or realistic. I mean, if you want a totally ultra realistic look to your art, why not just get into photography?

As always I can't say I'm finished, I'm sure I'll find something later to rework on. Meantime though I'm gonna have to finally wrap up all this fan art stuff for a while and focus on something else. I have quite a few in mind, but oh so little time and energy. I'll keep u posted on my future dream projects, that is if there's anyone who's even following this blog. ^^;

Ciao, or rather this time, Aloha! :)

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Drake Sigar said...

Now give him a redcoat and musket. :)