Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introducing...STEVE FOX!

So I finished with Senor Miguel, next up-Steve Fox, a British boxer with a rather strange past and relations. Don't want to go too deep into the nitty bitty details, you want to know just Google him, mate!

First up, the sketch. NOTE: It's important to know how to draw and sketch with good old fashioned pencil on a piece of paper. No matter how good a technology can imitate the techniques, the computer is just a tool, not a replacement to make you a better artist. Tradition in the arts go deep deep deep, so don't be tempted to throw away those brushes and pencils. I am appalled by some artists who claim they don't know how to draw in pencil on paper anymore. Don't let that happen to you as well.

I scanned the pic onto Photoshop, and I decided the change the position of that thrusting fist. I gather some nice ref pics and draw over that fist, cleaning up some unnecessary markings around the canvas as well:

Now that I'm satisfied with the final look, I take up new layer, overlay with shade of grey and start painting in the shadows. I already know where the light sources will be positioned, and I kinda give a light wash around the figure in the bg so I can define the highlighted area of Mr. Fox better:

I like how it's going so far. Gonna take a little break, I'll be back.


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