Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fox Update 2

Latest update:

Bunch of work done of BG (got a Britain flag image and manipulated it to kingdom come, as u can see) as well as that famous emblem on Fox's shirt. I hand-made it in Illustrator. Almost there, I think.

Picked up Linkin Park's new CD, A THOUSAND SUNS. As luck would have it Best Buy was selling it for 10 bucks!

In other news I finally got copy of ASSASSINS CREED 2 for PC, only to learn it doesn't work on my laptop, I don't have the right video card. And I cannot return it because the package is opened. >_< So now it's just sitting in the corner of the room collecting dust, and I'm debating whether I'll get a new laptop that's highly capable of playing the game (yeah, like I'm gonna really spend another $900 bucks just to play some game. Hmmm.....)


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