Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fox Update 2

Latest update:

Bunch of work done of BG (got a Britain flag image and manipulated it to kingdom come, as u can see) as well as that famous emblem on Fox's shirt. I hand-made it in Illustrator. Almost there, I think.

Picked up Linkin Park's new CD, A THOUSAND SUNS. As luck would have it Best Buy was selling it for 10 bucks!

In other news I finally got copy of ASSASSINS CREED 2 for PC, only to learn it doesn't work on my laptop, I don't have the right video card. And I cannot return it because the package is opened. >_< So now it's just sitting in the corner of the room collecting dust, and I'm debating whether I'll get a new laptop that's highly capable of playing the game (yeah, like I'm gonna really spend another $900 bucks just to play some game. Hmmm.....)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

FOXY Update

I've added color on a new layer with Blending Mode set to Multiply, duplicated the color layer and set the blending Mode to Overlay which I then set the transparency to about 50%. Then I flattened it and started the paintover. *Even when I paint over on new layer I don't keep too many layers as they can hamper with the overall process, and over time you lose track of what layer is what (especially since I don't properly label the layers hehe), I flatten it after a while and then add another layer to paint over on, and repeat. In terms of color selection I just sample it off the canvas (alt+click while on Brush tool turns into Eyedropper tool). I've also ran some Liquify on the face so if you compare this to the one in the last entry you can see some difference.
More work needs to be done of course. Will be back with more.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introducing...STEVE FOX!

So I finished with Senor Miguel, next up-Steve Fox, a British boxer with a rather strange past and relations. Don't want to go too deep into the nitty bitty details, you want to know just Google him, mate!

First up, the sketch. NOTE: It's important to know how to draw and sketch with good old fashioned pencil on a piece of paper. No matter how good a technology can imitate the techniques, the computer is just a tool, not a replacement to make you a better artist. Tradition in the arts go deep deep deep, so don't be tempted to throw away those brushes and pencils. I am appalled by some artists who claim they don't know how to draw in pencil on paper anymore. Don't let that happen to you as well.

I scanned the pic onto Photoshop, and I decided the change the position of that thrusting fist. I gather some nice ref pics and draw over that fist, cleaning up some unnecessary markings around the canvas as well:

Now that I'm satisfied with the final look, I take up new layer, overlay with shade of grey and start painting in the shadows. I already know where the light sources will be positioned, and I kinda give a light wash around the figure in the bg so I can define the highlighted area of Mr. Fox better:

I like how it's going so far. Gonna take a little break, I'll be back.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

TEKKEN Men's Turn

September finally rolls in...all settled down, for now.
So I did a reimagining of the ladies of TEKKEN. Now it's time for the men!

This isn't all of it of course, there's plenty more guys to work with. I'll get to them when I get a chance. Men's fashion is pretty tough, because they aren't as versatile as the women's. I've searched through GQ and Barneys New York and DETAILS mags for some ideas. I might probably do another version for the same characters, same goes for the ladies.
Hasta luego...