Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TEKKEN Reimagining: the Ladies

I remember one artist did a whole reimagining of X-Men characters, like putting them out of their skin-tight costumes and in a normal everyday wear, like what would they look like if they were just like normal average joes and janes like us. It was kinda neat, and so it gave me an idea to do one for the Street Fighter characters, I think I have it somewhere on this blog. Well I never quite finished it, and I drifted off to other stuff.
Now just recently I started doing a whole mess of TEKKEN related artwork, and the idea resurfaced. How about I put these lovely ladies in today's latest fashion trends, see how they fare outside of all the fighting and such that they're so used to. So I hit up my sketchbook, and took me less than two hours after midnight with this result:

Maybe I'll include the men, but it might not be as easy as with the ladies because men's fashion don't really have whole lotta variety, it's just basic shirt, pants, jacket, simple stuff. I guess I'll have to take in consideration their personalities and such more deeply. I do have some good ideas for some, but others are little bit challenging.
Keep u updated on that...

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