Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TEKKEN the Movie: My Thoughts

So I saw the movie TEKKEN, via Youtube. They got everything on Youtube these days. I normally wouldn't watch movies online, I still believe in the DVDs and movie theaters. I'll most likely see this movie again in its full glory when it comes out on DVD or in theaters, whichever comes first, and I hear the release date for them is now in 2011. Gosh, why does it take so frigging long to release one little movie. Then again AVATAR took ten years. ;)

So to comment on it, I've read lots and lots of hate-comments about the movie, how it doesn't go with the game's original story and how the actors don't look like the characters they are playing, especially the main guy, John Foo, who plays Jin Kazama. Well, me being not a hard-core TEKKEN fan, I didn't expect too much, thanks to my previous experience with this other videogame movie, STREET FIGHTER, back in '94. (I was so hyped to see it when it first came out, then after I finally saw it, I was like, 'What the F--- was that???) Actually, TEKKEN the movie was pretty good. I enjoyed it, despite the occassional buffering bugs and having to click on a new link to see the next part of the clips, not to mention the horrible audio off-syncing (this is why I don't watch movies online, unless I am desperate ;) The movie reminded me of those old '90s action martial arts flick I grew up on, it had that same atmosphere. They've kept the basic premise of the original story at least, but the whole Devil Gene tale has been completely blotted out. Honest to goodness, I tell you, I really don't think that story would've translated well on the screen, and on today's audiences, most of whom I'm sure don't know what TEKKEN is about. These days movies are about grit and realism, look for example BATMAN BEGINS. It's a comic book movie but without all the campy comic-bookish flair that was in the Tim Burton's BATMAN movie back in the late 80's and I liked that version too, it just depends on the time period and era in which we live in. And the recent BATMAN movie was successful because it tried to pit an imaginary character in a more realistic world and show how he/she would react to or be treated in the society, especially in the post-9/11 age when fear and suspicion is all over the air. I would think the Devil Gene concept would probably have worked on film, like ten years ago. Now the audience is pretty mature enough to know what is real and what is remotely unreal.
To all you haters, I have to say, movies and games are different medium. I know the importance of being faithful to the original source, but too much can hamper the filmmakers' and the actors' creativities. And to date, there's like 60 characters in the game, how would u expect to see every one of them on the screen, and for like how long? As the ending showed, there may be possible sequel and they're saving some of those characters for more important roles later. And are you kidding about the characters KUMA and PANDA? You'd want the SPCA suing the film for 'animal cruelty'?

Sure there are some pretty weak spots in the movie, like fight scenes, while pretty cool, are too short and rushed, and I'm glad there wasn't too much gore in it. The costumes, while decent, I have to gripe about few of them, especially Nina Williams', it looks like one of those packaged costumes you'd find at a Halloween store; Raven's outfit would've looked little better if it had been black instead of silvery white. And overall, movie was just too short, at 92 minutes I think they could've gone little longer so the whole plot wouldn't feel so rushed.

Other than that, it is one of the more decent game adapted movies I've seen. I said my thoughts on it, some will agree, some won't but that's the freedom of speech, man. We in America can say whatever we want.

End of Story.

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