Friday, August 6, 2010

El Fin de Miguel?

OK I wanna say I'm done with Miguel. In the coming weeks I won't have time to come back here. August is just a busy month, in terms of birthdays, and adding to it some unexpected family emergencies. :( I will probably find something wrong with this final later on, but for now I'm just gonna shut my eyes and say adios amigo!

As u can see, I kept the original position of the left arm, shifted up the lower half of the body, added some effects to look like he's actually punching something, and finally some facial hair to complete the mean brute look. As I said, I'll probably find something wrong later on and fix it, but I leave it as is now.

Have good day! :)

1 comment:

aellise said...

Hi I'm glad this helped you out. I only wished I knew who u are. :)
Have fun!