Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Rush

August is here....time goes so fast. I say that all the time but it does.

I've been really trying to push myself with my painting skills. I've started on a new work, still a fan art based on TEKKEN video game, putting my own touch on it. Starting my series of TEKKEN character art, beginning with MIGUEL CABALLERO ROJO (link). He looks like a matador by the costume, but I guess that was the whole point. Storywise, he is one pissed off Spaniard who's out to avenge the death of his beloved sister, and the one responsible is none other than the new CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu- Jin Kazama. (Since when did Jin become such an asshole?)

As usual I've started with a pencil sketch, using some useful references to get the posing and proportions right. I want to capture the rage in this guy (from what I read, he fights like a mad pit bull, no formal training. Guess it complements his matador design.) I know that his last name ROJO is red in Spanish and CABALLERO can mean number of things: gentleman, horseman, knight. I don't really see any of these in him, given his personality and history, though I'm sure men in Spain are generally nice chivalrous guys. They should have given him a name that means 'Bullfighter' instead:
Now I'm laying down some underpaints and base shadows and highlights. I'm trying to give the whole thing a reddish tone, to complement his name. I'm still at work on this stage, but this is just where I'm at for now:

Still much more to be done, but I'm back to posting my progress works, as I've neglected that for a loooong time. Will keep u posted.

Hasta luego... :)

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