Saturday, July 24, 2010


I started working on some fan art based on the popular fighting game TEKKEN. Now I don't really follow the game nor have I played much of it (only one I played was 3, had no idea they had up to 6 right now). Unfortunately nearby arcades don't seem to carry the game anymore, it's weird. So I just been reading it up on YouTube and such, they currently have up to 60 characters to date, damn. I done been scribbling away on my sketchpad of some of the well known characters and worked with markers and watercolor, did few digital paints and experimenting with techniques. Here are some few fan arts I've worked on so far, see if you recognize them:

Course there are some more, I need time to upload them. And there are few more i put them up on my Deviantart page (link to the right), I need to reorganize that site it's a pretty big mess. I'm using this as chance to experiment with media and techniques. I'll be sure to share more as I go.

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