Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OK the server is working so here we go:
This is probably one of the first books I got off of eBay. I used to be into comics back in high school but I fell out of it by the end. Some guy in art class back in '05 had this and I took one look and I wanted one for myself. Some really cool realistic hand-painted comic art by classically trained artist Alex Ross, it's definitely a must have for good reference on color and anatomy, I mean this guy does it all.
Perhaps a nice follow up to the previous book, this goes behind the scenes of the newly rebooted SUPERMAN movie. Some real cool concept artwork in there. Though I'm embarrassed to say I didn't watch the movie at all ( I heard it wasn't very good though). ^^;
Another behind the scenes of the smash hit 300. I also have the comic book, which I read before seeing the movie. I say they remained pretty faithful to the original. Frank Miller was sure proud.
I'm not a huge fan of the STAR WARS universe, at least not enough to name my son Anakin Skywalker ( I'm not even married anyway, but I still wouldn't). But I really loved the costumes, especially in the prequels, which drew me into spending a whopping 70 bucks at B&N for this book. If you are into costuming you should have this.

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