Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Art Book Collection Pt. 3

OK Last part:
This guy was one of the primary reasons I got into digital painting back in 2007. He is just awesome, the art is so vibrant and full of energy. I had hard time getting this at all the major bookstores as they were all out of stock, I ventured out so afar and finally did find one, a last one as matter of fact. Patience and perserverance does pay off...

Actually I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I got this book, I guess I just wanted anything related to the magic of movie art. Lo and behold I learn by flipping through the pages that this guy was the genius behind the cult classics 'Clash of the Titans.' I did see the remake this past week and while F/X has come a long way in the 20+ years between these two films I have to say this guy certainly made stop-motion animation and puppets the big thing in the 80s, and still excites some of us movie geeks. And yes I do intend to get the book for the new remake when it comes out.

Well that's my collection of art books. I still intend to keep collecting, I'll share them here from time to time. Meantime I be getting back to the drawing board to share more pictures.


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