Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Art Book Collection Pt. 3

OK Last part:
This guy was one of the primary reasons I got into digital painting back in 2007. He is just awesome, the art is so vibrant and full of energy. I had hard time getting this at all the major bookstores as they were all out of stock, I ventured out so afar and finally did find one, a last one as matter of fact. Patience and perserverance does pay off...

Actually I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I got this book, I guess I just wanted anything related to the magic of movie art. Lo and behold I learn by flipping through the pages that this guy was the genius behind the cult classics 'Clash of the Titans.' I did see the remake this past week and while F/X has come a long way in the 20+ years between these two films I have to say this guy certainly made stop-motion animation and puppets the big thing in the 80s, and still excites some of us movie geeks. And yes I do intend to get the book for the new remake when it comes out.

Well that's my collection of art books. I still intend to keep collecting, I'll share them here from time to time. Meantime I be getting back to the drawing board to share more pictures.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Art Book Collection Pt. 2

Continuing on:

For a long time I had not a clue what WATCHMEN was about. When the trailer for the movie came out I took the time to go buy the graphic novel and read it in 3 days. It was really good and totally different from a typical comic book I am used to reading. Now I seen the movie, I say they did pretty good job of keeping it close to the source but some parts could've been better and some parts didn't really NEED to be emphasized (e.g. the now notorious Owl Ship scene, if you know what I mean). The behind the scene book above showed just how much time and effort and dedication the staff put into bringing the book to life on the big screen.

Ah, the infamous MATRIX series. The first one really was a kicker, it was totally out of the world, and I was a big fan. Until the two sequels came out, and the magic was lost. Some really cool storyboards and concept art though.

Just like WATCHMEN I had no clue about Frank Miller's epic noir classic. I actually saw the movie first, and I read the comics. Loved the visuals and the cinematics, it looks like an animated version of the original comic.

I remember reading this back in high school ( I think pretty much everyone has.) I know there are few other film adaptations of this Old English epic but I heard it was horrible so I never looked at it. This one was actually cool, the CG was some of most impressive I've ever seen in all CG animations.

Ah the lovable panda doing kung-fu. I had such a kick a good time watching this. I loved the concept art and I'm sure when you open this book you will too. Perfect for would-be animators in training.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OK the server is working so here we go:
This is probably one of the first books I got off of eBay. I used to be into comics back in high school but I fell out of it by the end. Some guy in art class back in '05 had this and I took one look and I wanted one for myself. Some really cool realistic hand-painted comic art by classically trained artist Alex Ross, it's definitely a must have for good reference on color and anatomy, I mean this guy does it all.
Perhaps a nice follow up to the previous book, this goes behind the scenes of the newly rebooted SUPERMAN movie. Some real cool concept artwork in there. Though I'm embarrassed to say I didn't watch the movie at all ( I heard it wasn't very good though). ^^;
Another behind the scenes of the smash hit 300. I also have the comic book, which I read before seeing the movie. I say they remained pretty faithful to the original. Frank Miller was sure proud.
I'm not a huge fan of the STAR WARS universe, at least not enough to name my son Anakin Skywalker ( I'm not even married anyway, but I still wouldn't). But I really loved the costumes, especially in the prequels, which drew me into spending a whopping 70 bucks at B&N for this book. If you are into costuming you should have this.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Art Book Collection Pt. 1

How long has it been since my last post? Too long I say. And I haven't even done much drawings either since the last entry. I still have bunch of Ezio pics left unfinished in the bin, soon though when I'm not so lazy I'll finish them, and finish some other pics I've started along the way, and put them up here.

For now though I want to share some of my 'collection' of these nifty art books I've collected over the span of five years. I'm always looking for any cool art book to browse through and use as inspirations. And whenever I see a cool movie I want to see the behind the scenes of it, and I go buy it, though nowadays I don't have a whole lotta $$ to shop around like I used to. Yes, I like shopping too, but instead of clothes and makeup I choose books and art stuff. I recently bought a Lady Gaga CD and listening to it right now, it's actually pretty good. Tell you, I hadn't even heard of the name until just several months ago! I've seen some of her videos and boy are they crazy or what, it's like Madonna or David Bowie, but I like when artists go beyond the conform line to express themselves, whether through the paintbrush or the pop tunes.

Anyway enough of that, starting off my show, in no particular order of when I bought them (cause I don't remember):

Unfortunately though the server is being a bitch and not wanting to put any pictures here. I guess I'll have to try again later. Sorry-