Thursday, January 21, 2010


Man alive, I've neglected this blog for oh so long. Holidays tend to keep you on your toes there's no time for yourself. Now that 2009 has passed and the big 1-0 has rolled in it's time to start anew. Speaking of which I've been doing a lot, I mean, A LOT, of self-evaluation and I've come to make some tough decisions about where the rest of my life is gonna be headed. So far the past 30 years has not been, well, so brilliant, and I've noted some big ass mistakes and wrong turns that has led me to where I am now, in a dump. I no longer have the liberties I've long enjoyed in my twenties, not to mention opportunities, and I have only so little time to try to take the detour back on track. That does, of course, require some sacrifices, most I don't like but I know it will only drag me down in the long run if I don't let go. I have to set some realistic short-term goals first that will hopefully lead me back to the original goals, and really really work at it. As I said, I'm no longer fresh out of the sea, I have to get back on the right track.
But that doesn't mean I'll be abandoning the primary objective of this blog all the way. I'll still have some time to put up new sketches and artwork, it is in my blood to always be creating, you know. Keep on the lookout, there will be new stuff coming this way soon, now that the busy part of the holiday season is done.


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