Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back from Hawaii, and then there's Fox

Yeah, I finally took that long awaited trip to Hawaii, yay, though I went mostly for my dear uncle's funeral, but still I got chance to get a taste of the lovely island of Oahu. Didn't nearly get to see all that it had to offer, but it was good enough, and perhaps I will go there again one day.
And the first thing to do after getting back from the sun and sands (and pineapples :P ) is to finish up with Mr. Fox here. Just a little paintover on the bg so it would go more with the rest of the picture which you can see is very painterly not so crisp and clean. I like things to be sketchy and painterly, not so ultra smooth or realistic. I mean, if you want a totally ultra realistic look to your art, why not just get into photography?

As always I can't say I'm finished, I'm sure I'll find something later to rework on. Meantime though I'm gonna have to finally wrap up all this fan art stuff for a while and focus on something else. I have quite a few in mind, but oh so little time and energy. I'll keep u posted on my future dream projects, that is if there's anyone who's even following this blog. ^^;

Ciao, or rather this time, Aloha! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fox Update 2

Latest update:

Bunch of work done of BG (got a Britain flag image and manipulated it to kingdom come, as u can see) as well as that famous emblem on Fox's shirt. I hand-made it in Illustrator. Almost there, I think.

Picked up Linkin Park's new CD, A THOUSAND SUNS. As luck would have it Best Buy was selling it for 10 bucks!

In other news I finally got copy of ASSASSINS CREED 2 for PC, only to learn it doesn't work on my laptop, I don't have the right video card. And I cannot return it because the package is opened. >_< So now it's just sitting in the corner of the room collecting dust, and I'm debating whether I'll get a new laptop that's highly capable of playing the game (yeah, like I'm gonna really spend another $900 bucks just to play some game. Hmmm.....)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

FOXY Update

I've added color on a new layer with Blending Mode set to Multiply, duplicated the color layer and set the blending Mode to Overlay which I then set the transparency to about 50%. Then I flattened it and started the paintover. *Even when I paint over on new layer I don't keep too many layers as they can hamper with the overall process, and over time you lose track of what layer is what (especially since I don't properly label the layers hehe), I flatten it after a while and then add another layer to paint over on, and repeat. In terms of color selection I just sample it off the canvas (alt+click while on Brush tool turns into Eyedropper tool). I've also ran some Liquify on the face so if you compare this to the one in the last entry you can see some difference.
More work needs to be done of course. Will be back with more.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introducing...STEVE FOX!

So I finished with Senor Miguel, next up-Steve Fox, a British boxer with a rather strange past and relations. Don't want to go too deep into the nitty bitty details, you want to know just Google him, mate!

First up, the sketch. NOTE: It's important to know how to draw and sketch with good old fashioned pencil on a piece of paper. No matter how good a technology can imitate the techniques, the computer is just a tool, not a replacement to make you a better artist. Tradition in the arts go deep deep deep, so don't be tempted to throw away those brushes and pencils. I am appalled by some artists who claim they don't know how to draw in pencil on paper anymore. Don't let that happen to you as well.

I scanned the pic onto Photoshop, and I decided the change the position of that thrusting fist. I gather some nice ref pics and draw over that fist, cleaning up some unnecessary markings around the canvas as well:

Now that I'm satisfied with the final look, I take up new layer, overlay with shade of grey and start painting in the shadows. I already know where the light sources will be positioned, and I kinda give a light wash around the figure in the bg so I can define the highlighted area of Mr. Fox better:

I like how it's going so far. Gonna take a little break, I'll be back.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

TEKKEN Men's Turn

September finally rolls in...all settled down, for now.
So I did a reimagining of the ladies of TEKKEN. Now it's time for the men!

This isn't all of it of course, there's plenty more guys to work with. I'll get to them when I get a chance. Men's fashion is pretty tough, because they aren't as versatile as the women's. I've searched through GQ and Barneys New York and DETAILS mags for some ideas. I might probably do another version for the same characters, same goes for the ladies.
Hasta luego...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TEKKEN the Movie: My Thoughts

So I saw the movie TEKKEN, via Youtube. They got everything on Youtube these days. I normally wouldn't watch movies online, I still believe in the DVDs and movie theaters. I'll most likely see this movie again in its full glory when it comes out on DVD or in theaters, whichever comes first, and I hear the release date for them is now in 2011. Gosh, why does it take so frigging long to release one little movie. Then again AVATAR took ten years. ;)

So to comment on it, I've read lots and lots of hate-comments about the movie, how it doesn't go with the game's original story and how the actors don't look like the characters they are playing, especially the main guy, John Foo, who plays Jin Kazama. Well, me being not a hard-core TEKKEN fan, I didn't expect too much, thanks to my previous experience with this other videogame movie, STREET FIGHTER, back in '94. (I was so hyped to see it when it first came out, then after I finally saw it, I was like, 'What the F--- was that???) Actually, TEKKEN the movie was pretty good. I enjoyed it, despite the occassional buffering bugs and having to click on a new link to see the next part of the clips, not to mention the horrible audio off-syncing (this is why I don't watch movies online, unless I am desperate ;) The movie reminded me of those old '90s action martial arts flick I grew up on, it had that same atmosphere. They've kept the basic premise of the original story at least, but the whole Devil Gene tale has been completely blotted out. Honest to goodness, I tell you, I really don't think that story would've translated well on the screen, and on today's audiences, most of whom I'm sure don't know what TEKKEN is about. These days movies are about grit and realism, look for example BATMAN BEGINS. It's a comic book movie but without all the campy comic-bookish flair that was in the Tim Burton's BATMAN movie back in the late 80's and I liked that version too, it just depends on the time period and era in which we live in. And the recent BATMAN movie was successful because it tried to pit an imaginary character in a more realistic world and show how he/she would react to or be treated in the society, especially in the post-9/11 age when fear and suspicion is all over the air. I would think the Devil Gene concept would probably have worked on film, like ten years ago. Now the audience is pretty mature enough to know what is real and what is remotely unreal.
To all you haters, I have to say, movies and games are different medium. I know the importance of being faithful to the original source, but too much can hamper the filmmakers' and the actors' creativities. And to date, there's like 60 characters in the game, how would u expect to see every one of them on the screen, and for like how long? As the ending showed, there may be possible sequel and they're saving some of those characters for more important roles later. And are you kidding about the characters KUMA and PANDA? You'd want the SPCA suing the film for 'animal cruelty'?

Sure there are some pretty weak spots in the movie, like fight scenes, while pretty cool, are too short and rushed, and I'm glad there wasn't too much gore in it. The costumes, while decent, I have to gripe about few of them, especially Nina Williams', it looks like one of those packaged costumes you'd find at a Halloween store; Raven's outfit would've looked little better if it had been black instead of silvery white. And overall, movie was just too short, at 92 minutes I think they could've gone little longer so the whole plot wouldn't feel so rushed.

Other than that, it is one of the more decent game adapted movies I've seen. I said my thoughts on it, some will agree, some won't but that's the freedom of speech, man. We in America can say whatever we want.

End of Story.

Friday, August 6, 2010

El Fin de Miguel?

OK I wanna say I'm done with Miguel. In the coming weeks I won't have time to come back here. August is just a busy month, in terms of birthdays, and adding to it some unexpected family emergencies. :( I will probably find something wrong with this final later on, but for now I'm just gonna shut my eyes and say adios amigo!

As u can see, I kept the original position of the left arm, shifted up the lower half of the body, added some effects to look like he's actually punching something, and finally some facial hair to complete the mean brute look. As I said, I'll probably find something wrong later on and fix it, but I leave it as is now.

Have good day! :)

Mas Miguel

Another pass at good old Miguel. This time I shifted the fist around I think the previous position looked pretty awkward:

Did some shifting with Saturation and Blending modes. I'm having second thoughts about the left arm. More to be done-

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TEKKEN Reimagining: the Ladies

I remember one artist did a whole reimagining of X-Men characters, like putting them out of their skin-tight costumes and in a normal everyday wear, like what would they look like if they were just like normal average joes and janes like us. It was kinda neat, and so it gave me an idea to do one for the Street Fighter characters, I think I have it somewhere on this blog. Well I never quite finished it, and I drifted off to other stuff.
Now just recently I started doing a whole mess of TEKKEN related artwork, and the idea resurfaced. How about I put these lovely ladies in today's latest fashion trends, see how they fare outside of all the fighting and such that they're so used to. So I hit up my sketchbook, and took me less than two hours after midnight with this result:

Maybe I'll include the men, but it might not be as easy as with the ladies because men's fashion don't really have whole lotta variety, it's just basic shirt, pants, jacket, simple stuff. I guess I'll have to take in consideration their personalities and such more deeply. I do have some good ideas for some, but others are little bit challenging.
Keep u updated on that...

Miguel take 2

Another pass with Miguel.

I did lot more work on the face, so he looks a less like a gorilla now. Some work done on the shirt and pants, man those little ruffles were pain. Since I'm going for a more stylized look it wasn't too bad.
The outstretched arm is giving me headache. I might have to resize that fist as well. And the other arm that's tucked under, that's giving me headache too, I need to see what to do with it.
To be continued-

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Rush

August is here....time goes so fast. I say that all the time but it does.

I've been really trying to push myself with my painting skills. I've started on a new work, still a fan art based on TEKKEN video game, putting my own touch on it. Starting my series of TEKKEN character art, beginning with MIGUEL CABALLERO ROJO (link). He looks like a matador by the costume, but I guess that was the whole point. Storywise, he is one pissed off Spaniard who's out to avenge the death of his beloved sister, and the one responsible is none other than the new CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu- Jin Kazama. (Since when did Jin become such an asshole?)

As usual I've started with a pencil sketch, using some useful references to get the posing and proportions right. I want to capture the rage in this guy (from what I read, he fights like a mad pit bull, no formal training. Guess it complements his matador design.) I know that his last name ROJO is red in Spanish and CABALLERO can mean number of things: gentleman, horseman, knight. I don't really see any of these in him, given his personality and history, though I'm sure men in Spain are generally nice chivalrous guys. They should have given him a name that means 'Bullfighter' instead:
Now I'm laying down some underpaints and base shadows and highlights. I'm trying to give the whole thing a reddish tone, to complement his name. I'm still at work on this stage, but this is just where I'm at for now:

Still much more to be done, but I'm back to posting my progress works, as I've neglected that for a loooong time. Will keep u posted.

Hasta luego... :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I started working on some fan art based on the popular fighting game TEKKEN. Now I don't really follow the game nor have I played much of it (only one I played was 3, had no idea they had up to 6 right now). Unfortunately nearby arcades don't seem to carry the game anymore, it's weird. So I just been reading it up on YouTube and such, they currently have up to 60 characters to date, damn. I done been scribbling away on my sketchpad of some of the well known characters and worked with markers and watercolor, did few digital paints and experimenting with techniques. Here are some few fan arts I've worked on so far, see if you recognize them:

Course there are some more, I need time to upload them. And there are few more i put them up on my Deviantart page (link to the right), I need to reorganize that site it's a pretty big mess. I'm using this as chance to experiment with media and techniques. I'll be sure to share more as I go.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New work

Man alive, I haven't been here in months!

I got a bunch of drawings piling up in my desk but I've been lazy as usual to post them.

I just finished these two new paintings. One you will recognize, the other is all new.

My favorite original hero, the Dark Avenger. It's a mix of traditional and digital, background is more traditional, using watercolor washes. It's kinda cool how mixing and mashing can produce some nifty results.

This one was actually borrowed from another work (FAISAN, by Carine Grassett, look it up on google) but of course I try not to make too much similarities of it. I saw that painting first time and I thought that's really cool, I'd like to try that, and so here we are. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm gonna call it when I post it on Deviantart, for now it's just FAISAN AFTER GRASSET.

Lately I've been suffering from some creative block, my brain is kinda in D-Mode, but to keep my drawing fingers in tune I did some fan art sketches of another video game favorite, TEKKEN. Well it's not really my favorite, I don't play it that much I think I only played TEKKEN 3 and I had no idea when 6 came out. After hearing that a movie adaptation of it is in the works I started getting into it. I'll bring some sketches to show you one time.

Ciao for now-

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Art Book Collection Pt. 3

OK Last part:
This guy was one of the primary reasons I got into digital painting back in 2007. He is just awesome, the art is so vibrant and full of energy. I had hard time getting this at all the major bookstores as they were all out of stock, I ventured out so afar and finally did find one, a last one as matter of fact. Patience and perserverance does pay off...

Actually I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I got this book, I guess I just wanted anything related to the magic of movie art. Lo and behold I learn by flipping through the pages that this guy was the genius behind the cult classics 'Clash of the Titans.' I did see the remake this past week and while F/X has come a long way in the 20+ years between these two films I have to say this guy certainly made stop-motion animation and puppets the big thing in the 80s, and still excites some of us movie geeks. And yes I do intend to get the book for the new remake when it comes out.

Well that's my collection of art books. I still intend to keep collecting, I'll share them here from time to time. Meantime I be getting back to the drawing board to share more pictures.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Art Book Collection Pt. 2

Continuing on:

For a long time I had not a clue what WATCHMEN was about. When the trailer for the movie came out I took the time to go buy the graphic novel and read it in 3 days. It was really good and totally different from a typical comic book I am used to reading. Now I seen the movie, I say they did pretty good job of keeping it close to the source but some parts could've been better and some parts didn't really NEED to be emphasized (e.g. the now notorious Owl Ship scene, if you know what I mean). The behind the scene book above showed just how much time and effort and dedication the staff put into bringing the book to life on the big screen.

Ah, the infamous MATRIX series. The first one really was a kicker, it was totally out of the world, and I was a big fan. Until the two sequels came out, and the magic was lost. Some really cool storyboards and concept art though.

Just like WATCHMEN I had no clue about Frank Miller's epic noir classic. I actually saw the movie first, and I read the comics. Loved the visuals and the cinematics, it looks like an animated version of the original comic.

I remember reading this back in high school ( I think pretty much everyone has.) I know there are few other film adaptations of this Old English epic but I heard it was horrible so I never looked at it. This one was actually cool, the CG was some of most impressive I've ever seen in all CG animations.

Ah the lovable panda doing kung-fu. I had such a kick a good time watching this. I loved the concept art and I'm sure when you open this book you will too. Perfect for would-be animators in training.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OK the server is working so here we go:
This is probably one of the first books I got off of eBay. I used to be into comics back in high school but I fell out of it by the end. Some guy in art class back in '05 had this and I took one look and I wanted one for myself. Some really cool realistic hand-painted comic art by classically trained artist Alex Ross, it's definitely a must have for good reference on color and anatomy, I mean this guy does it all.
Perhaps a nice follow up to the previous book, this goes behind the scenes of the newly rebooted SUPERMAN movie. Some real cool concept artwork in there. Though I'm embarrassed to say I didn't watch the movie at all ( I heard it wasn't very good though). ^^;
Another behind the scenes of the smash hit 300. I also have the comic book, which I read before seeing the movie. I say they remained pretty faithful to the original. Frank Miller was sure proud.
I'm not a huge fan of the STAR WARS universe, at least not enough to name my son Anakin Skywalker ( I'm not even married anyway, but I still wouldn't). But I really loved the costumes, especially in the prequels, which drew me into spending a whopping 70 bucks at B&N for this book. If you are into costuming you should have this.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Art Book Collection Pt. 1

How long has it been since my last post? Too long I say. And I haven't even done much drawings either since the last entry. I still have bunch of Ezio pics left unfinished in the bin, soon though when I'm not so lazy I'll finish them, and finish some other pics I've started along the way, and put them up here.

For now though I want to share some of my 'collection' of these nifty art books I've collected over the span of five years. I'm always looking for any cool art book to browse through and use as inspirations. And whenever I see a cool movie I want to see the behind the scenes of it, and I go buy it, though nowadays I don't have a whole lotta $$ to shop around like I used to. Yes, I like shopping too, but instead of clothes and makeup I choose books and art stuff. I recently bought a Lady Gaga CD and listening to it right now, it's actually pretty good. Tell you, I hadn't even heard of the name until just several months ago! I've seen some of her videos and boy are they crazy or what, it's like Madonna or David Bowie, but I like when artists go beyond the conform line to express themselves, whether through the paintbrush or the pop tunes.

Anyway enough of that, starting off my show, in no particular order of when I bought them (cause I don't remember):

Unfortunately though the server is being a bitch and not wanting to put any pictures here. I guess I'll have to try again later. Sorry-

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some more Ezio...

Yeah, since I've quit trying to do art for somebody else and do more for myself I never felt so relaxed and happy, but at the same time I'm not finding the time to post as often as I used to here. This past few weeks I've just been focusing on one subject in particular: Ezio Auditore from the video game ASSASSIN'S CREED 2:Just some simple pencil work. Nothing still beats the good old pencil. I'm also doing more watercolor stuff. Of course I still paint in Photoshop from time to time, I still have work on that HOTD comic after all. I'm currently taking 3D class and hope in time I'll finally open up that Blender program that's just sitting here on my comp and draw up some 3D figures.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally some drawing post - Fan Art

My first drawing post of the new year is...a fan art.

Turned to traditional media for this one. These are based on the new video game ASSASSINS CREED 2:

I haven't played the game yet, I'm waiting for it to come out on PC in March. I guess what was fascinating is it takes place in the Italian Renaissance, which was one of my favorite subjects back in art history classes. And I really like the in-depth character developments that goes on in the game, which is you don't see too much of in other games. I would like to do some more drawings of these and possibly some digital painting of it too.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Man alive, I've neglected this blog for oh so long. Holidays tend to keep you on your toes there's no time for yourself. Now that 2009 has passed and the big 1-0 has rolled in it's time to start anew. Speaking of which I've been doing a lot, I mean, A LOT, of self-evaluation and I've come to make some tough decisions about where the rest of my life is gonna be headed. So far the past 30 years has not been, well, so brilliant, and I've noted some big ass mistakes and wrong turns that has led me to where I am now, in a dump. I no longer have the liberties I've long enjoyed in my twenties, not to mention opportunities, and I have only so little time to try to take the detour back on track. That does, of course, require some sacrifices, most I don't like but I know it will only drag me down in the long run if I don't let go. I have to set some realistic short-term goals first that will hopefully lead me back to the original goals, and really really work at it. As I said, I'm no longer fresh out of the sea, I have to get back on the right track.
But that doesn't mean I'll be abandoning the primary objective of this blog all the way. I'll still have some time to put up new sketches and artwork, it is in my blood to always be creating, you know. Keep on the lookout, there will be new stuff coming this way soon, now that the busy part of the holiday season is done.