Thursday, October 29, 2009

Talk about Wasting Time!

Man I've been so lazy lately. Have to blame the stupid Farmville and Yoville games on Facebook. They're quite addicting, worse than chocolate. Used to play Mafia Wars before but I kept getting killed by all the 'big guys' so I've retreated to something safer like planting cottons and fishing for marlins. ^^;

I have to admit, I gotten pretty good deal of compliments on all my House of the Dead artwork. That's such an underrated game, not quite as big as Resident Evil or Halo, but there's a surprisingly good deal of fanbase for the zombie shooter. I don't even know where to begin on how I ever got started playing the stupid game, but I love it and I don't care what others think of it. That reminds me, I need to start working on more HOTD fan comic, but first I have to milk the cows and skin the sheep!

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