Saturday, October 10, 2009

Need to focus

Got a lot of plans for my future, but so little time to accomplish them, let along I don't know where to start. I'm so disorganized in the brain I can't think straight sometimes.
Couple days ago was watching 'SOUTH PARK' a new episode that so spoofs 'The Sixth Sense,' only here Kyle little bro Ike is haunted by the ghosts of all the celebrities that have died this year, most notably, Billy Mays (I'll miss that guy's loudness ROFL) and then he gets possessed by none other than the Pop King himself, Michael Jackson (Nooo, that's Ignorant. I'm a white child. Hee-hee ROFLROFL) What cracked me up the most was that after Ike/Michael wins the little miss beauty pageant and Mike's spirit is freed, Ike is standing on the stage in a skimpy bikini, and he looks down at himself and goes, 'Holy $#!@. What the #*&!@ am I wearing??' Seriously, that just cracked me up. Oh man.

Starting on another painting. This was originally for that contest back in September with a theme of Celebration (see the post in the September Archive).

Somewhat of a sci-fi space city having its annual festival with the floats and cheers, and you get the idea. Working in the colors and tones right now, not sure how long it might take, but I plan to finish it all within this weekend.

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