Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Month passes-

Gosh, it's October already? Time to take out that Governator Mask again and scare the lilies out of the little ones, if there are any more left in my neighborhood. Last year it was like only three or four kiddies came calling Trick or Treat, and I was left with a still full bag of chocolates. Don't worry I ate them all, my huge J-Lo behind says it all... ^^;
I got to finishing the Dark Avenger concept picture. The blue in the BG was getting on my nerves so I've toned it down:
Now I've started on another pic, this time a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk type of theme. Started it on Monday and been working on it since for an hour at a time, whenever I have time:

I am trying to do more environmental stuff, and I kinda liked how the BG turned out. Will be doing more of that in the future. Meantime I'm going around asking for FB, I'm sure there's room for improvement.


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