Friday, September 25, 2009

Some update - Dark Avenger Character Concept

Yep, I'm treating this latest Dark Avenger painting like a character concept. I never did a full body shot of him before, and I've made little modification to his weapon of choice the sword. Also I had a wild idea to give him a gun. I guess I was influenced by the Dante character from 'Devil May Cry.'

Some details of my update. Took total of 4 hours (not straight, though, there were looong breaks in between. Heehee):

Detail of the new addition to his weaponry : a Desert Eagle handgun. Note the ref pic next to the painting on the right.

The face was the hardest part, as usual. Trying to make it as realistic as possible (not too Anime-ish).

The overall look after four laborious hours. Yeah I abandoned the whole BG thing, spent so much time on the character I have no more room for the bg. Didn't even know what to put there anyway.
I know, I have to tell you some bit about this guy someday. I have a whole story mapped out around him, but as you know, I'm so lazy. ^^;
Be back later...

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