Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nine months past and new project

It's September and counting down to four more months until another new year to celebrate. But the last several days has been like walking around in an oven; it doesn't help with a recent slew of fires going on in the LA county and you can see the mushroom cloud of smoke filling the sky. I'm just praying for fall to roll over quickly and relieve us all of this humid steaming weather.
I'm also just as busy as ever with school and filling up my portfolio and saving some dough so I can embark on my trek to any conventions I can think of in the next year. I need a job, and I mean, I really need a job. Of course that's on the minds of hundreds of thousands of others out there these days. Man I hate the recession...

Meantime I'm just filling my time with new projects, and the latest one has to do with an online competition. I've finished the last one so there's another one I am going to tackle, it's due in less than three weeks so I need to boost up. This latest competition has to draw upon the theme of 'CELEBRATION' in lieu of an upcoming issue of ImagineFX magazine (see link on the right). They're celebrating the big 5-0 of the mag and the winning entry gets to adorn the front cover of that issue.

I've been giving lot of thought about this one, and here I decided on a concept of a space beauty pageant. And the winning character has somewhat of a 'retro' look, she looks somewhat like Judy Jetson with the hairstyle and all. I felt it's about time I do something more 'sci-fi'-ish than the usual 'fantasy'

I've already blocked in the highlights and shadows and the base colors on a purplish bg. What to put in the bg is still a debate, and what I'm going to do about the bouquet of space lilies I still need to think about it. I got only three weeks left so I better move it.

to be continued...

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