Sunday, September 6, 2009

Almost There - Cover Art

Added in the BG from Illustrator, some more paints here and there along with adjustments to color and Liquify on problem areas. I also changed the scepter to something more simple and not too tacky, and the space lilies in different position than what I originally had in my first sketch. Overally it's looking real dandy. I might be able to finish by this week.

I also went and saw G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, overall it was just a fun decent mindless entertainment. I don't know too much about the GI Joe universe so there is nothing to be disappointed about the translation from toy to big screen. Personally I only wanted to see the movie for this guy:

If you don't remember he plays Storm Shadow, member of the enemy team Cobra and rival to Joe's Snake Eyes. While I normally don't have many Asian celeb favorites what attracts me about this guys is his smile, everytime you see em you cannot help but smile as well. And even if he isn't smiling it always look like he is (kinda weird but that's my two cents).

Off to other business. Later...

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