Friday, September 25, 2009

Some update - Dark Avenger Character Concept

Yep, I'm treating this latest Dark Avenger painting like a character concept. I never did a full body shot of him before, and I've made little modification to his weapon of choice the sword. Also I had a wild idea to give him a gun. I guess I was influenced by the Dante character from 'Devil May Cry.'

Some details of my update. Took total of 4 hours (not straight, though, there were looong breaks in between. Heehee):

Detail of the new addition to his weaponry : a Desert Eagle handgun. Note the ref pic next to the painting on the right.

The face was the hardest part, as usual. Trying to make it as realistic as possible (not too Anime-ish).

The overall look after four laborious hours. Yeah I abandoned the whole BG thing, spent so much time on the character I have no more room for the bg. Didn't even know what to put there anyway.
I know, I have to tell you some bit about this guy someday. I have a whole story mapped out around him, but as you know, I'm so lazy. ^^;
Be back later...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Dark Avenger Art

I know I know what you saying, another Dark Avenger art?? Have I lost my mind?

No I haven't. It's just an excuse to make better of my painting skills. After all, all artists have his/her 'muse' and I have mine, so there!

This time I'm doing the full body shot with a full BG. I haven't done any Dark Avenger in full body except in sketchbooks. So now's my chance. Dont' know how long it'll be though.

Keep u posted-

"A Broken Bridge"

It's strange how it is. You have a head full of ideas and you know exactly what to say or write, but when the time comes to bring it out of the head into paper or computer or mouth, suddenly,
zip, zilch, zap! Either it's all jumbled up like scrambled eggs or nothing comes out at all. Like even now as I'm writing this blog I had good idea of what I wanted to write about, and then, in a minute, I don't remember what it is I want to write about. It's like the bridge between the brain and the fingers or the mouth breaks down right in the middle. Why is that? Brain freeze? Or, perhaps, just the cells in the brain or the nervous system are being fried one by one a day and it can't keep up with all the info that keeps loading in every second. Tis strange, no?

Anyhoo, I've found time to whip up this great piece of HOTD art for the comic, sort of a cover I say:

It's to introduce the new chapter of the HOTD fan comic series. Since it takes place in a post-apocalyptic London I had the torn UK flag included. I had many influences for this piece, mainly the ARMY OF DARKNESS poster and to name other few.

Now I've been asked to convert this into a wallpaper, so I'm working on that, and will post that here too soon. To be continued...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Picking up where I left off-

You know that being an artist and making a living of it is no walk in the park. It's harder when you cannot find someone to like your art. People are pretty picky, you know. Right now I'm barely making it on a small monthly allowance I get for usual errands and chores around the house and these couple of non-profit projects that I don't know if it's getting anywhere, my future is pretty bleak as it is and if it doesn't get any better by next year, well, I don't want to think about it. All I can do is keep poking around skimming through Craigslist and such until I can find somebody who will accept me, something that's kind of like a handicap to me...

Anyway finally got to finishing this pic:

Now, on to whatever other stuff I've put behind.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finished Cover Art

Spiced up the bg with flashes and confettis, and bumped up the colors with Hue/Sat and Col Bal. Shipped it out, end of story.
And as my mind is always hungry for more, I'm off to other endeavors...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Almost There - Cover Art

Added in the BG from Illustrator, some more paints here and there along with adjustments to color and Liquify on problem areas. I also changed the scepter to something more simple and not too tacky, and the space lilies in different position than what I originally had in my first sketch. Overally it's looking real dandy. I might be able to finish by this week.

I also went and saw G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, overall it was just a fun decent mindless entertainment. I don't know too much about the GI Joe universe so there is nothing to be disappointed about the translation from toy to big screen. Personally I only wanted to see the movie for this guy:

If you don't remember he plays Storm Shadow, member of the enemy team Cobra and rival to Joe's Snake Eyes. While I normally don't have many Asian celeb favorites what attracts me about this guys is his smile, everytime you see em you cannot help but smile as well. And even if he isn't smiling it always look like he is (kinda weird but that's my two cents).

Off to other business. Later...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update: Cover Art Competition

Some Update. Began painting over the sketch using the usual Hard Round brushes at various sizes. I fixed the raised hand, thanks to my integrated webcam I can get a quickie ref pic on the spot.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nine months past and new project

It's September and counting down to four more months until another new year to celebrate. But the last several days has been like walking around in an oven; it doesn't help with a recent slew of fires going on in the LA county and you can see the mushroom cloud of smoke filling the sky. I'm just praying for fall to roll over quickly and relieve us all of this humid steaming weather.
I'm also just as busy as ever with school and filling up my portfolio and saving some dough so I can embark on my trek to any conventions I can think of in the next year. I need a job, and I mean, I really need a job. Of course that's on the minds of hundreds of thousands of others out there these days. Man I hate the recession...

Meantime I'm just filling my time with new projects, and the latest one has to do with an online competition. I've finished the last one so there's another one I am going to tackle, it's due in less than three weeks so I need to boost up. This latest competition has to draw upon the theme of 'CELEBRATION' in lieu of an upcoming issue of ImagineFX magazine (see link on the right). They're celebrating the big 5-0 of the mag and the winning entry gets to adorn the front cover of that issue.

I've been giving lot of thought about this one, and here I decided on a concept of a space beauty pageant. And the winning character has somewhat of a 'retro' look, she looks somewhat like Judy Jetson with the hairstyle and all. I felt it's about time I do something more 'sci-fi'-ish than the usual 'fantasy'

I've already blocked in the highlights and shadows and the base colors on a purplish bg. What to put in the bg is still a debate, and what I'm going to do about the bouquet of space lilies I still need to think about it. I got only three weeks left so I better move it.

to be continued...