Thursday, July 30, 2009

Break time; New painting

I thought I take a little breather from the Secret Agent painting, and start on something new.

Recently I've been watching a Korean historic drama "Queen Seondeok" and I got tempted to do a drawing based on that. I really liked the ornate designs of their headdresses and pins and a hairpiece that could probably weigh more than their head. So I got playful and decided to draw up some of those things.

Started out with basic monotone sketch, laying down the shadows and highlights.
I then added some color and started painting over, and I tried to fix the facial features with brushes and Liquify tool, but she started to really look funny, it's like Michael Jackson's plastic surgery gone really bad. Luckily I saved a copy of the original.
I brushed in the colors on a separate layer set on Overlay, and mixed various colors and tones. Now then I just got to starting on fixing the crowns and the ornaments.
Looks good so far. Keep updating...

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