Friday, May 8, 2009


Finished the latest piece, and I admit, I'm not exactly at all pleased with the result. It wasn't really the way I had envisioned, but oh well I can always do another version of it. I'm planning yet another Good vs. Evil pic for the contest, but I'm not sure I'll make it before the deadline...

In other news I've kinda put off my work (storyboards, comics) and my personal stuff for a time being to play the new House of the Dead Overkill game. I've already breezed my way thru the Story Mode, I have one more level to go in the Director's Cut and then I'm going to play thru it all over again this time for high scores. It's a pain on my arm holding up that Wii remote and I admit the first day after playing my arm was pretty sore, but I kept right on playing. Only problem was the scenes are too dark I had hard time making out them zombies (and the birds, they're the worst!) and kept dying needlessly. Also, I have to say, other than the extra sets of zombies to kill in the DC, this is the easiest game I've ever played, and the bosses weren't as difficult to beat as I had expected. But all that aside, being a fan of the House of the Dead series I've really enjoyed this latest installment, I liked the whole Grindhouse-like elements and of course the unforgettable bad-mouthed Issac Washington who makes any other bad-mouthed male game characters look like gentlemen.
Gotta get going. Later-

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