Friday, May 22, 2009


It's been so long since my last post. Few days after posting the last one this stupid comp of mine started stalling again, so I had to take it over to GeekSquad, and they told me the HDD was defective and needs to be replaced. And this was the comp I just bought barely three months ago, and how did I freakin' end up with the one with a bad HDD?? See, this is my luck. Another slammer was I lost the receipt for it, so unless I find it I'd have to pay an additional $140 to fix the HDD, and I've already spent a good $130 to get the whole OS fixed up, which by the way I thought was a total rip-off, actually I could've done it myself, but being so paranoid about the safety of my laptop and all I thought it best to leave it to the pros to do the job. Well I think it took four trips down to Best Buy and an hour of phone calls to the corporate giant to finally locate that receipt and save this comp, and finally it's back home in my room.

Life can suck sometimes, you know.

I was in the middle of working on another Good-vs.-Evil pic for that contest mentioned in the earlier post, but with all this fiasco I missed the deadline which was two days ago. Oh well I didn't think I would've really finished it in time anyway. Now I've got to hurry and finish this storyboard job and get my stuff back on track, that is if I can get this 'stuff' in order first. I'm a mess.


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