Friday, April 3, 2009

April Already???

How time flies. The past month has been so hectic with family emergencies I didn't have much time to work on that webcomic or any new paintings. And I hadn't checked in much with the ImagineFX website that I missed out on another one of my pics being named 'Image of the Day.' Just to know I got on it the second time (first time was October of last year with one of my Dark Avenger pics) I guess is enough, but I sure would've liked to see it myself (and save a copy of it to my hard drive). But this morning I opened up and I saw this:

I was one of the Featured Artists of the Day (I circled in yellow), which I was mighty happy with. Hopefully I'll land more IOTD's in the future as I improve my skills, and starting in fall, add some 3D work as well.
Must get back to other stuff...

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