Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Street Fighter Galoooooooooree!

It just so happens there is a poster art contest for a Street Fighter IV that's now out on PS3/XBox (website: Somehow I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. It's been ten years since I even laid my eyes on any SF related machine in the arcades, but it still takes me back to the good old days of '92 when the whole SF madness started. And those were the good old days of 'smoke' filled arcades with bunch of nerdy and grungy adolescents crowded around the machine and pumping coin after coin trying to see who gets the highest score and whatnots. Hey I think I'll talk about that a little more later.

For now to debrief y'all on what I've been doing the past two weeks now for the contest.

I had several ideas about what I want to work on, but ultimately it was the cool artwork of the Original Seven members of the Justice League of America by artist Alex Ross that drew me to the final work seen above. Here I portray the Original Eight of the SF universe. Started out with meticulous pencil drawing then all the base color and shadow layout done with watercolor, before transferring it over to Photoshop for the finishes. I'm still working on it; the deadline is 22 of this month so I need to hurry.

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