Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Project - Reimagining the Dark Avenger

I spent a few days scribbling away in my sketchbook and coming up with some new ideas, one of them being reimagining some of my old existing works, such as this one, my favorite Dark Avenger.
Someday I should tell you wee bit about my original dark hero, but right now I got work on the sketch. I got the base layout of the figure, I'm going for a composition known as the Golden Ratio using a Fibonacci Spiral (you position the main focus of a painting in a way the viewer's eyes are trailing in a spiral-like manner to the finish line; I don't fully know the def, so better you just Google it). I'm also trying a different body pose which I haven't tried yet.

Some quick line work with a Hard Round then block in the shape with an underpaint. I'll probably have to take some hard photo ref to get this position just right.


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