Sunday, March 29, 2009

Movie Saturday

Last night I saw couple of movies: BLADE RUNNER and LITTLE CHILDREN.

I know it's an old old movie, but BLADE was one of the movies I only heard of by mouth and never got around to seeing it, and finally, after pushing it back and back I got the time out to rent it from a nearby video shop. I loved the design, which was brillantly planned out by artist Syd Mead, and I have to say, it was a movie that was definitely ahead of its time. I think it was made in the eighties or something. The story was somewhat slow and bit confusing, but it does make you think about the science and morale of playing God and creating machines that can think and act like human. And with the advent of cloning and robotics in this present age it leaves me wondering, how long before we can expect to see an actual humanoid walking among us, and when we do, how will we react to it? And how far as science is concerned is going too far when we attempt to recreate life? Will we experience the same thing as God did with Adam and Eve after they disobeyed him and became 'like the image of God'? Oh, and BTW I'd be terrified if I ever ran into someone like Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer).
LITTLE CHILDREN was an entirely different matter. Think DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES but without the ridiculous soap opera plot and the unrealistically beautiful housewives with devious antics. I kinda sympathized with the Kate Winslet character even though adultery is a sin, in a way I also feel confined and tied down in my current situation like she was, and can somewhat understand the decisions she makes. The movie is also about the superficiality of the suburban life and the people that live in it, especially the wives who spend their days gossiping smack about children and others they deemed socially unfit like Ronnie the ex-convict, as if they're living the perfect lives but we can assume they really aren't. I cannot help but give kudos to the actors who aren't afraid to 'bare it all' in front of the audiences, as long as they got the bodies for it (ROFL).

When I was renting LITTLE CHILDREN I was also about to rent MAX PAYNE with it, but the movies at Blockbuster now costs 5 bucks each. 5 bucks! I can rent a newly released movies at a mom-and-pop store for 2 bucks. I only went there because the other store didn't have LC, but yeah. I guess I'll just stick to the good old mom-and-pop types, and go to the other only if necessary, and since they do have lot more selections. Maybe one day I'll rent a game there too.

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