Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daily Sketch Group @

Yeah, there's this great site dedicated to all things concept art ( and I've gone there regularly looking at bunch of inspiring artwork by very talented pro artists. There is a thread in the Forum section that's all about sketch groups. Every day a mod posts a topic and anyone can whip up their magic wands (pencils, brush, wacom, you name it) and conjure up their interpretations of that topic. Well it's been four years and I finally took up the nerve to join one, and so far, it's fun, and I learn quite a lot from it. I've done those challenges over at ImagineFX forums, but this is different; you have to draw something different and new every day, and it's not a competition. Now I can't guarantee I'll be in perfect attendance, but I want to try and make the effort to partake in it as often as possible and hopefully improve my ever volatile drawing skills.

Here are just a couple I've done so far:

And the best part is, I'm not limited to just Wacom and Photoshop, unlike at IFX. I can use whatever medium I darn please, whatever I'm in the mood for. And hopefully I'll be able to conquer my inner fears of venturing into other territories of concept art, namely, environmental and creature designs.

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