Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Wii Sensation

Last Christmas we kids bought out parents a Nintendo Wii with Wii FIT to help them get and stay in shape. Not so much Mom, but Dad's getting a really bad case of the Muffin Top (I made that up to refer to the oversized belly) and we the kids went thru a lot of trouble trying to find the Wii cause they keep selling out like hotcakes. Especially the Wii Board which we didn't get until a month after Christmas. Well needless to say the parents don't seem to be too into it and the poor machine has just been sitting in the corner of the TV stand for quite a while. Finally this week I took it upon myself to give the Wii a much needed activity. I set a goal to myself to do the fine workout on the FIT for the entire month of February to try and lose some of these awful fat in my body. So far it's going well, just went thru one week. And I also took advantage of the Mii Character Creation feature, and made a Mii of myself here:

Isn't she cute?? Now I'll see if I can try and make the rest of my family into a Mii Family.

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