Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back in Action!

My lord, what a week.

My laptop crashes and after few days of futile attempts to revive it, I had failed. Yes, I'm no Dr. Frankenstein of computers. Must dispose of the corpse now, while today I have finally found a new one, a DELL Inspiron with Core Duo 2 and yes, the Windows Vista. Much faster and powerful than the old one, I must say. Now must go thru the painstaking process of installing all the softies and trying to remember what the hell I had in my Favorites folder from the previous laptop, yes I suck at backing up my files, but now I will try and do it, if my pea brain will allow it.

Now must get back to rebuilding the body. I shan't be long, you come too. (Quoted from Robert Frost's THE PASTURE.)

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