Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Marker Fan Art

My third fan art using markers, this time Talim of SOUL CALIBUR game series.

Gosh I remember playing that game way back since 2000, it was one of my favorite 3D fighter games. Had few favorite characters, Talim being one (she comes out in SC 2). I remember her being cute pigtailed Hindu girl, but don't let her looks fool you once she wields her deadly blade tonfas at you. Now I'm not sure her hair was that blue, but I did it for a friend who's koo koo for blue haired girls. XD

I hadn't played the game since 03 now and I've heard there were two more sequels. Maybe one day I'll look for one and try them out. I however had seen the concept art for the newer games, is it just me or the women's boobs look like pair of footballs? What is it with these geeky game developers and their hopeless fantasies?

Well, actually, I'm a geek too with fantasies, but at least my girls don't have 46EE chests.

Meanwhile trying to look into upgrading my internet experience with a 'web client' Need to ask some people who knows...

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