Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back in Action!

My lord, what a week.

My laptop crashes and after few days of futile attempts to revive it, I had failed. Yes, I'm no Dr. Frankenstein of computers. Must dispose of the corpse now, while today I have finally found a new one, a DELL Inspiron with Core Duo 2 and yes, the Windows Vista. Much faster and powerful than the old one, I must say. Now must go thru the painstaking process of installing all the softies and trying to remember what the hell I had in my Favorites folder from the previous laptop, yes I suck at backing up my files, but now I will try and do it, if my pea brain will allow it.

Now must get back to rebuilding the body. I shan't be long, you come too. (Quoted from Robert Frost's THE PASTURE.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Marker Fan Art

My third fan art using markers, this time Talim of SOUL CALIBUR game series.

Gosh I remember playing that game way back since 2000, it was one of my favorite 3D fighter games. Had few favorite characters, Talim being one (she comes out in SC 2). I remember her being cute pigtailed Hindu girl, but don't let her looks fool you once she wields her deadly blade tonfas at you. Now I'm not sure her hair was that blue, but I did it for a friend who's koo koo for blue haired girls. XD

I hadn't played the game since 03 now and I've heard there were two more sequels. Maybe one day I'll look for one and try them out. I however had seen the concept art for the newer games, is it just me or the women's boobs look like pair of footballs? What is it with these geeky game developers and their hopeless fantasies?

Well, actually, I'm a geek too with fantasies, but at least my girls don't have 46EE chests.

Meanwhile trying to look into upgrading my internet experience with a 'web client' Need to ask some people who knows...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some pics from my SF trip

OK, enough stalling. I'm gonna talk a bit about my trip to the NorCal.

On the second day we took a long drive from Alameda (where my sister lives) about 90 minutes, to good old Cali capital of Sacramento. I found on the internet a few days before about a place called Crocker Art Museum, and it just happened at that time that they were having the Art of Warner Bros. exhibition, so we were there. It was actually a small nice Old English style building, and the interior was just as amazing. There were plenty to see besides the Warner Bros. stuff (which, unfortunately I don't have pictures of because they don't allow it. Boo) from old European and American paintings to modern art and sculptures.

After that was some trip to the State Capitol. I really liked the interior, looks like the Roman Pantheon. And, yes, this is the office of our The Governator.

Meh, there really wasn't much else to see in the old capital, but the trip was worth it. Next time I'll talk about the historically bizarre house in San Jose, the Winchester House. I got too many pictures to count, let me see what I want to put up here...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finishing up

Ok, enough stalling. I worked out the hue/sat and Curves on the bg as well as the contrasts on the fg, and I think it's safe to say it's finished. I will shortly submit this for the EXPOSE 7 and some other places for friendly viewing. Now I can finally move on to other stuff.

What a long weekend...

I just got back from visiting my sister up in SF Bay area. Was a long wknd but fun. Got to see the Art of Warner Bros. Cartoon exhibit over at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento which was a good 90 min drive from her house. They wouldn't let us take pics of them unfortunately but I got the rest of the museum. Sorry I haven't uploaded them yet along with rest of other pics I took during my weekend up there. Maybe once I'm not too lazy enough to get out that USB cable and plug it up here...

Details to follow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some time away from the computer...

I wanted to take a break away from the comp screen for a bit, and play around with some old tools of mine. I find a box o' Prismacolor markers I had since back in the Long Beach days, and I thought, hey maybe I'll brush up on my pretty much rusted marker drawing skills.

Thought I do some fan art, though it's been a long time since I did any of that. Was not a big enthusiast of copying someone else's creations, not since transferring out of jc in '00. Here are a couple I've done in the past two days:

Though they are both anime characters, I drew them with more Western influence. I've pretty much abandoned the old anime big eyes and pug noses, but if there is ever any need to, I'll still draw them.

Might do more marker art later on. Look out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Years everyone who bothers to read this blog! God Bless your souls. :3

Latest update. Spent the last few days from last update. More details to the lizzie and the heroine, and the bg:

Got some fb from an online forum and did some adjustments to the figures and tinkered with the hue/sat and stuff like that. I hope I can really polish this piece in time to submit it to the upcoming EXPOSE 7 book from Ballistic. I really hope I can get into one of those books this year.