Sunday, December 21, 2008

More work

So tonight for dinner I prepared me a casserole, Korean style: ramen, dumplings, eggs, pork bacon, chili peppers, shrimp, and mushrooms. I know that's a lot of stuff; I call it 'The Hobo Stew' because in the old days the poor didn't have lavish dishes like the rich do, they just mixed a whole mess of stuff together. I'm pretty stuffed, and I'm continuing my work. After almost two hours, I got in the base details:

Now you can kinda see the images coming together and you can see what the situation is. Still have little more to do before I bump up the dpi and put in a whole mess of details and refinements.

Currently watching "The Hulk" the old one by Ang Lee. I can kinda see why it didn't do too well; though it had some depth that the newer one didn't have. And Jennifer Connelly made a better Betty Ross than Liv Tyler, imo. No offense, I like Liv also.

TBC, again...

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