Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to old school - Oil Painting

Yes, yes I remember I said I was going to post some oil paints up here, but I kept putting it off and off and...you get the idea. Now, finally, I am.

The first of numerous Koi paintings. I had gone down to this Japanese Garden at my former college, and they had a real nice Koi pond which I took a bunch of pictures of. Somehow I got the idea to paint out of them, and I had this old block of wood sitting in the garage, and I thought, why not give it a try. I've been working on the standard canvas most of this time, so the wood was a challenge. I was trying to go for Van Gogh-esque Post-Impressionistic style, which has always appealed to me, and you could somewhat see it in my digital paintings. I had to get custom framing for this because of the odd size of the panel, cost me nearly $400 bucks man.

This was painted way earlier before the Koi. There was a garden park near my old college which had bunch of different styles of gardens. I particularly liked this one, because it gives a sense of mystery of what could we see on the other side of this road. This was also done on wood.

Yup, after seeing my first Koi painting hanging in full glory on the wall of the family room I got couple of requests for large-scale Kois. This was if I remember correctly a 36x48 canvas. I like the vibrancy of the colors in this one. I had done another one similar but that one wasn't as good and as populated as this, and I had already sent it off before I could take pictures, so boo.

I had a bunch of paint leftover on my palette, and rather than wipe them all off with newspaper and toss it into the trash I wanted to make the most out of them. This turned out to be a speedpainting done in an hour ona 5x5 canvas, a self-portrait. I don't know why this picture came out as a portrait, and there is no picture rotate feature on this blog.

Yeah, every now and then I like to take a break away from the computer and turn to the old-fashioned way of making art. It's also better to be handy both digitally and traditionally. Now I'm working on yet another Koi painting on request, it'll be a housewarming and a late late birthday present to my sister. I'm also looking into rekindling my old love for watercolor and printmaking, and maybe even submit some stuff to local galleries. I'll keep u posted about that.


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