Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poster painting - HOTD webcomic

There apparently is a need of a poster for the upcoming House of the Dead webcomic from STCOnline. Which is bit kind of a last minute, since I've been damn busy this past few weeks working at the costume shop keeping up with the demands for the Halloween. They've officially set the release date of the first issue on the 31st. That gives me less than this week to complete the poster, which I think I can somewhat manage.

I've already started the layout here:

The stupid pen's kinda acting up on me here, it won't glide on smoothly, every time I make some mark it 'skips' and makes lines that I didn't want. Weird.

Working in low-res for now on a 8.5x14 canvas. Once I block in the colors and such I'll blow it up to 300.

To be cont.

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