Friday, October 31, 2008

HOTD Webcomic Finally UP!

It's Halloweenie time, and the day I've long been waiting for: the release of my newest webcomic House of the Dead: Resurection Men Part One!

Looked pretty good, got some pretty good feedback from the readers. This is going to be a start of something new...!

I just noticed something about my pinup/poster art though. I guess it was fatigue from the long hours I spent at the shop this whole month; my sights have gotten the rest they needed and looking over the finished piece I spotted a few fatal errors I did not note earlier:

-Rogan's outstretched arm with a shotgun was WAY off perspective. The shotgun looks more like a puny water gun.
-From where she's standing, Sophie's head looks too huge.
-What the hell is going on with Lisa's head? She's looking like a Conehead!

Not much I can do now that it's up on the site, but I can still fix it for my portfolio. I make the necessary changes quickly, tweaking the problem parts with the Lasso and Free Transform, and brushing over the cutout lines:
You can see my previous post for the before look and now. It's way better, I think.

For the webcomic, go here.

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