Friday, October 3, 2008

Hot Damn, it's October already???

How time flies. And pretty soon it'll be Halloweeen.

Which is why I won't be able to do much of my stuff this whole month. The costume shop will be full of enthusiastic shoppers, young and old, trying to find the right outfit to wear to their Halloween parties and the good old Trick or treating. That means I'll be in the store FT now, probably even crunching in after hours especially towards the end of the month (you know how people love to do last minutes).

It's nice to be working, but I really need to get a job that pays more than just min. wage. Who knows, I might even pull out a second job in addition to this current one. With the economy in the dumps, the job market is sure to be in the drain as well, so I can't really get the ones that have health insurance and 401k's. It'll almost be end of the year before we know it. I surely hope something good will look my way soon. I've been waiting and patient loooong enough...


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