Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What would You do?

I was watching DEAL OR NO DEAL last night ( I normally don't follow that show, but we were at a restaurant and I was bored stiff and the TV was on) and this nice PE teacher fellow was doing pretty good, he still had two 1Mil case not yet taken off the stage but the chance of having one of them at his side was 25%. Now (hopefully you readers know how the game works) he has been offered 12oK for his case, and on top of that, a trip to the EA Games HQ in Canada, a library of every EVERY single game ever made by that company, an invitation to the launch party of the new NBA '09 game (and probably meet some of the star NBA players featured there), and to top it all off like a fat icing on a cake, to have his FACE in the next NBA game as a referee. Now if I was in that position, I would've taken the offer in a hearbeat, given the low probability of having a 1mil in my case. And I can tell the guy wanted it too, I mean, WHO DOESN'T? Well, his wife, his brother, and half the audience. I was silently screaming at him to ignore them and take the offer, cause that's only a once in a lifetime chance and it's far too valuable to risk it off. But Nooooo, the guy gives in to the pressure and says, NO DEAL.

I'll bet he's wishing right now he had just taken the deal after all. Especially after how the rest of the evening turned out.

I feel so sorry for the guy. Throwing away 130K and the video game for what ended up to be a measly, MEASLY $110. That won't even buy an X-Box. And I'm serious, his bright enthusiastic smile got wiped off of his face, quite literally, upon opening the second case of 1mil.

Lesson to be learned: follow your heart, not someone else's opinion. Even if it's your own family.

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