Thursday, July 3, 2008

Portrait painting 4

New portrait exercise. I'm seeing a very shortage of male portraits (most people only want to see the ladies, which is fine, but kinda discriminating. Men can be pleasant to look at too). So I embark on creating a GQ-esque male portrait. Starting here:

Start with the usual pencil sketch, then scan in at 75 dpi, apply Color Bal to get rid of the stark black coloring. You can see here the tone is more bluish.

Now I put an underpaint over it on a new Layer set to Multiply, then on another new layer I roughly block in the shadow and highlights with Hard Round. I use Curves to adjust the intensity of the shadow/light, then merge it with Underpaint layer. Afterwards I add new layer for Color and then I duplicate the original sketch and run some Filter (Cutout and Poster Edges) to give the line a more crisp, clean look. Course they'll be painted over eventually, though I'll just subtly leave some of the lines in there to act as keyline, as in comic books.

More to come...

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