Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conclusion: Pretentious Player

Continuing from the last post, this was done in less than three hours. Yes, I'm getting faster.

This is usually the most laborious part of painting, refining and detailing. Working on the definition of the face, the clothes, and the cards. I chose particularly a red card since the red stands out more and it screams "I'm special!!" and I want to be able to emphasize how this character has a bunch of them. Also note his hair looks like DRAGON BALL Z's Vegeta, whom if you know, is a self-centered punk who never learned the term "Pride goes before a fall." And since the whole premise of the game takes place at an anime convention, why not show a bit of that here:

Finally, I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I want to keep things sketchy and painterly so I don't worry too much about making it look too clean and real. I resize the image to the specified size and adjust it with Free Transform followed by a Crop. I slap some Curves, Color/Bal, Hue/Sat, Photo Filter, to give it a little more warm feeling, as it also further accentuates his boastful attitude, and end with Unsharp Mask for a nice crisp finish.

I save it as a TIFF file. And it's off to the press it goes!

I'm finished with that, so now I can go on to the other stuff.

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