Thursday, July 31, 2008

My internet's back!

Yes. For past two days no connection, not to mention the phone lines.

Couldn't imagine how I had lived without the internet many many years ago.

And the quake on tuesday...yeesh, that was scary. I was cleaning the bathtub when it hit. Luckily I didn't slip when I jumped out of there to the doorway.

Almost forgot we live in California... ^^;

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Edited - portrait 7

Made some adjustments:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finished - Portrait 7

Or so I think that's where I'm at.

I have a bunch of paintings that's not yet finished, and I need to really get back at them. But I still have to finish the storyboards, and the comic is only half done...damn it!


Update, after 2+ hours (1.5 last night, 40 today after brkft):

Still got more to go, but it's looking good so far, in my opinion.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Portrait take 3

Yes, I've spared the weekend for my own personal stuff.

Back to my portraits again, another male character.


yes, another Byronic swordsman type. I'm a sucker for these types. ^^;

I'm modeling him after this guy:

If you don't recognize him well remember FAST & THE FURIOUS? Yep, that tall, lean, blue-eyed dude, whose acting is on the scale of below mediocre, but he is quite attractive, especially the eyes.

WIP coming soon...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conclusion: Pretentious Player

Continuing from the last post, this was done in less than three hours. Yes, I'm getting faster.

This is usually the most laborious part of painting, refining and detailing. Working on the definition of the face, the clothes, and the cards. I chose particularly a red card since the red stands out more and it screams "I'm special!!" and I want to be able to emphasize how this character has a bunch of them. Also note his hair looks like DRAGON BALL Z's Vegeta, whom if you know, is a self-centered punk who never learned the term "Pride goes before a fall." And since the whole premise of the game takes place at an anime convention, why not show a bit of that here:

Finally, I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I want to keep things sketchy and painterly so I don't worry too much about making it look too clean and real. I resize the image to the specified size and adjust it with Free Transform followed by a Crop. I slap some Curves, Color/Bal, Hue/Sat, Photo Filter, to give it a little more warm feeling, as it also further accentuates his boastful attitude, and end with Unsharp Mask for a nice crisp finish.

I save it as a TIFF file. And it's off to the press it goes!

I'm finished with that, so now I can go on to the other stuff.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Final Card illustration: The Pretentious Player

My third and last illustration for the GeekFight! card game: The Pretentious Player.

Name's pretty self-explanatory. A spoiled, yuppy-type guy who hoards bunch of super rare cards to make up for his inexperience in card gaming.

Started out with base sketch, which I then scanned into Photoshop:

Later I apply Cutout and Poster edge to the sketch to give it a tighter linework, after which I apply a layer of Underpaints using a lavendar-ish shade. I then block in some colors on another layer with blend mode set to Multiply:

Note I made his coat color green. It is said that the term 'green' is often used as a slang to refer to someone who's got no skills whatsoever. Which fits this picture perfectly.


Preview: House of the Dead comic

Yep, it really happened. A month ago someone wanted to do a webcomic based on the classic zombie shooter (which as you already know is also my favorite) and had contacted me about doing the artwork for it. It was something I just couldn't pass up, despite my already hectic schedule, so I've taken it up.

I've already done two pages and working on a third. I won't go into the details as it is still in development and the guys surely do not want it leaked out too early. But I don't suppose it would hurt to just show you a snippet of what to expect. It doesn't necessarily give away the whole plot (the real plot, that is).

Here is a sampling of the comic I'm working on:

The projected date of release is sometime in October, so you'd have to wait till then to see the full story. Just thought I'd give you a taste of it though.

Have a good day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Man I haven't posted anything new here in a while.

Been busy with my work and my projects. I should post something here soon.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Image of the Day???

I open up the main page of IFX website, and what do I see???

Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself too. It's usually very hard to get in one of those, but finally that day has come. I'm so happy. :D :D :D

And it couldn't have come on a better day too. It's Friday, and their office is off on weekends, so that means this will be up for the whole weekend! (dances with joy).

I will cherish this moment forever.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Portrait 5

It's been like, what, seven, eight hours...

I got a better handle of jewelries on this one, so didn't take too long. Also it wasn't so hard after all doing the dark skin, it was actually pretty fun.

Course there are more different skin tones out there I want to work on.

I title this one AMBER GLOW.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Portrait again

Yet I'm starting on another portrait project.

This is an addition to the CRYSTAL MASQUERADE series I've already started with BLUE MYSTIQUE from the last post.
Also I'm trying to enter the EXOTIQUE 4 contest, I already submitted two, but more the better.

sketches and shadows blocked in:

Note this one is going to be all orangy, just as the last one was all bluey. It's pretty much a color themed pieces. Also this one will be dark skin tone.


Sunday, July 6, 2008



Grab, Latch On, Maintain Pressure. a running hug, usually from behind. mostly used as a visual in anime. taken from anime and used in chat rooms as a form of greeting, usually using *action stars*.

Yeah, it's a pretty dumb term you won't find in ordinary dictionary. You only hear it at those conventions where enthusiasts in costumes run amok.

So this supplements with the recent Obsessive Fangirl card I just created few weeks ago. That's why they look pretty similar. Seriously, would you really want to get a glompin' from this person?

I have one more card to work on. Should be a doozy.

On the other note my mom's best friend just lost her daughter in a rafting accident over the July 4th Weekend. My heart goes out to the family in grieving.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quick Practice - Dark Skin Tones

You know, I noticed in all of my latest digital paintings that I had not single one featuring dark skin tones. Not that I'm racist, but I was negligent. I was so focused to getting the hang of painting digitally I had forgotten a few details.

So now I plan to start working in dark skin tones, a little more ethnic. Here I did a very quick sketch :

Now I'll be studying that workshop on painting dark skin tones by Marta Dahlig, and add some ethnic tones to my collection.


Portrait painting 4 continued


Did very quick brushwork over the underpaint, sculpting in details and using Eyedropper to blend in the colors. The hair looks a little too bright blue, so I'll keep that in mind when I go back to correct. The shirt looks too glaringly distracting also, so I'll have to fix that.

An hour an a half later, voila! I flatten the layers, use Curves and Color Bal and Photo Filter, (plus I desaturate the blueness in the hair) and here I have the fastest portrait session ever. Course I'll find something to change later, but I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

And I haven't even applied Unsharp Mask yet, and it looks coolies. :D

Portrait painting 4

New portrait exercise. I'm seeing a very shortage of male portraits (most people only want to see the ladies, which is fine, but kinda discriminating. Men can be pleasant to look at too). So I embark on creating a GQ-esque male portrait. Starting here:

Start with the usual pencil sketch, then scan in at 75 dpi, apply Color Bal to get rid of the stark black coloring. You can see here the tone is more bluish.

Now I put an underpaint over it on a new Layer set to Multiply, then on another new layer I roughly block in the shadow and highlights with Hard Round. I use Curves to adjust the intensity of the shadow/light, then merge it with Underpaint layer. Afterwards I add new layer for Color and then I duplicate the original sketch and run some Filter (Cutout and Poster Edges) to give the line a more crisp, clean look. Course they'll be painted over eventually, though I'll just subtly leave some of the lines in there to act as keyline, as in comic books.

More to come...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DeviantArt website

Gosh, is it July already??? I'm pretty way behind in my stuff...

Anyway there is a website where I keep all my goodies, no not an official website, I'm too lazy to build it and maintain it myself, so I just use this hosting site instead.

My DeviantArt.

Every now and then I might put up something there for sale, so be nice and be supportive, okay? ^_^