Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update - Portrait Painting 1 take 2

Tried the Liquify tool, it's amazing. Few more strokes here and there, some shrinking, nudging with Lasso, and this is the result:

I admit, I need to do more portrait exercises to get the facial structure correctly.

I hear another Call for Entries for EXOTIQUE 4. Those who don't know what that is, Google it. That's what it's for. Best of all, it's FREE to enter, good for someone on a very tightly budgeted starving art hobo like myself.

Also, I'm taking up a short comic strip venture with some dudes from the UK who runs their own webcomic, they've seen my stuff on Deviantart and want to work with me. No pay, just good opp for publicity and exposure. That's what I'm working for these days. Can't say much about the project, yet. I still have that Star Wars short storyboards to finish up. I'm getting pretty busy here. :D


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