Sunday, June 8, 2008

Portrait painting 1

I decided to start doing some portrait stuff after the last portrait I did about the Guardian. I think it's important to get the facial anatomy straight, so some practice with the faces is definitely needed.

My first portrait - I guess I got the idea from an old Korean folk song my late grandmother used to like. And most of them is often sad and tragic, like this one about a woman who's waiting feverishly for her lover who would never return to her. I don't know exactly if that's what the song is about, but that's my guess. Pretty much all Korean stories nowadays in the TV follows that same story.

As always I'm using Photoshop.

WIP I - some real rough outline and finer line drawing, keeping the facial proportions in check. I do use references for this, I have a bunch of old Nordstrom catalogs that has some great model pics that is great help to me:

WIP II - Blocking in general shadows. I use purple as the whole painting is going to have a very bluish hue to it, since the theme is melancholy.

WIP III - I add a blue wash to the canvas and overlay with colors on separate layer set on Multiply.

WIP IV - I start brushing over with Hard Round Brush with Other Dynamics checked. I use Eyedrops to sample colors and adjust the values. I later decide to use Gradient to the BG.

WIP V - Some more painting and onto the details now, the most laborious part of the painting process. I make note of appropriate highlights/shadows and keeping in mind the concept of reflected light(something I have neglected far too long), more detail work on the flowers and the pin, I use a customized spatter brush for the finer lines on the hair, and occasionally I use Curves and Hue/Sat. I also notice some errors in the anatomical structures of the face, and fix that with the Lasso.

Yes, this is still a wip and I'm still finding some areas that can be improved. Keep in mind I'm keeping it loose and sketchy, no smooth tight finishes intended in any of my work. So far so good, it took me about four hours so far. Now I'll just turn it in for crits and then finish it up at another time.

Hope you enjoy my process. Ciao.

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