Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Project - Planning phase 2

So I got the sketches and the ref in order.

These are ref of a Korean naval admiral. I wanted to get the armor right at least. For those who don't know, the images is that of Yi Sun Shin, one of the greatest national heroes of Korea:

Now that's done with I start with quick sketches, one of which I choose as the best one of all:

Now I tried Google's SKETCHUP, and I gotta say, it's the sweetest 3D program I've ever seen. It's so easy even a caveman can use it (haha, got that from Geico com). I just know the few basics for now, later on when I have time I'll try the more complex stuff, however much my shorting attention span allows it.

I do the basic mockup of the boat's sail, at about approx. 25 ft (or so I think that's how high a sail is), and I put a 6 ft man next to it (no I didn't model the man, I'm not there just yet). Then I use the orbiting tool and rotate the plane to try to capture the exact composition I wanted, just like in the sketch. It also helps me to pinpoint the perspectives and such.

I feel like it's progressing well so far. I'm gonna now print it out and start drawing the final line work on a huge Bristol board which will then be covered with washes of color, but that's another story...

To be continued...

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